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Traveling to Thailand and Training in Muay Thai Koh Samui

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art that originated in Thailand and has been around since the 13th century. Known as the Science or Art of Eight Limbs, Muay Thai uses eight limbs-two hands, two elbows, two feet and two knees-in attacking and defending. The martial art can be a hobby, workout or sport, depending on who practices it. In whichever way the person views it, Muay Thai cultivates a stronger body, disciplined mind and determined soul.

Where Is the Book of Mysteries for Japanese Swordsmanship?

Japanese children grow up hearing a lot about “book of mysteries for martial arts.” They are usually described as rolls of documents and put on a high tray or in a lacquer box. In fact, there are not so many books of mysteries kept as pieces of historical evidence. Where are they? What happened to them? The author, an expert of cross-cultural exchange, opens the first page of this book of martial arts’ mysteries.

How To Be Safe No Matter What by Wesley Manko

As someone who teaches self-defense and safety, I’m always reading and learning from others to continue my own learning, not to just ensure that I and my family remain safe, but to make me a better instructor as well. I found “How To Be Safe No Matter What” by Wesley Manko to be a good little book of safety tips and strategies covering a variety of situations. It’s a short book, and one that can be read quickly, and the advice given can definitely help people be more safe.

3 Expert Tips To Improve The Power of Your Punches

If you’re looking for a magical solution that will allow you to punch harder, you are on the wrong page. You should consult a magician, and ask him for a magic potion. We all know how frustrating it is when a new guy comes to the gym and shows an amazing knockout power even though he has no prior training, but there’s not much we can do about it.

MMA Strength And Conditioning: Strength Training At Its Best!

There is no doubt MMA strength and conditioning is an absolute must in today’s competitive arena if you are looking to compete in the world of fighting. Let’s face it, fighting is one of the hardest physical acts a human being can do. This is why I wanted to talk a bit about MMA strength and conditioning and it’s importance to your success.

Online Ninja Training Lesson: How to Control an Attacker With Your Footwork

In the world of martial arts and self-defense training, the more you know about how to control a situation and your opponent’s perceptions, the more of advantage you have, and the greater chance for winning. In this online ninja training lesson, I will be discussing a very deep level and advanced concept, and that is in how to control an attacker with your footwork – both in the way you move and in the way you position your feet. After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of not just how to apply this concept in an attack situation – but also in how and why the Ninja’s approach to self-defense is so radically different than that of just about every other combat system in the world!

Online Ninja Training Lesson: How to Control a Self-Defense Situation With Your Body Position Alone

In Ninpo-taijutsu, the Ninja’s self-defense method, the secret is to go beyond just learning the “moves.” The idea is to be able to see and understand what each of your skills – regardless of whether it’s a punch, joint lock, throw, or pressure point attack – is doing to your attacker. If you are to attain mastery in the art of Ninjutsu, then you must approach the idea of self-defense and combat from the perspective of “controlling the situation” – not just in winning the battle. This online ninja training lesson explores how to do just that with your body position alone!

Online Ninjutsu Training Lesson: How to Make Your Opponent Walk Right Into Your Technique!

Here’s a new online ninjutsu training lesson for you. It involves controlling your attacker’s perceptions about what is going on so that he literally walks right into your technique – the one you wanted to do to him! How? The answer lies not in what “you” want to do, so much as in what your “technique” requires. And, while a lot martial artists – teachers and students alike – are willing to stop training after learning a few neat tricks and skills… the student of Niinpo-taijutsu, the Ninja’s self-defense and combat system, knows that to be able to control your attacker’s decisions and actions, gives you the ultimate control in any encounter.

Online Ninja Training Lesson – 4 Methods for Defending Against Your Opponent’s Attacks

In this online ninja training lesson, I want to explore the ninja’s self defense art approaches the idea of dealing with your opponent’s attacks. Regardless of whether we’re talking about handling punches, kicks, or grabbing attacks, the ninjutsu student approaches the concept from an “outside-the-box” perspective, rather than doing it “just like everyone else” but with a different “style.” Remember, the art of Ninjutsu is not about “style,” it’s about having options, and the ability to produce results with the least amount of energy, effort – and the least amount of wear-and-tear on yourself in the process!

Advantages of Mixed Martial Arts Training

Every martial art has its own field of concentration. Boxing focuses on punching. Taekwondo concentrates on kicks.

The Spirit of Mixed Martial Arts

MMA is not a collection of different styles haphazardly put together by someone. It evolved by taking what was useful from other styles and removing what was unnecessary.

What You Need to Know About Mixed Martial Arts Training

Is it a good practice to learn Karate, Gung fu, Judo all at the same time or is it better to learn them one by one. Well, it all depends on personal preferences. However, there are a few things an aspiring student needs to know about MMA training…

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