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The Top 5 Colorado MMA Promotions

Colorado has a rich history when it comes to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Adding to this history are the various local MMA promotions in the state. Here is a look at the top 5 current MMA promotions in Colorado at the time of this writing.

Discover By Learning Martial Arts You Can Master Focus And Discipline In Your Daily Life

In this modern world it can very hard to resist the many temptations the world has to offer. I remember in my younger days that I found it extremely hard to eat well and go the gym at the same time. I have a weakness for potato chips and pizza, and I would much rather curl up on the sofa watching an episode of The Sopranos than to bench presses at the gym.

Attention Parents: Is MMA Training Really Safe for Children?

Before allowing your child to join a sports club, you should not only think about the benefits of the sport, but also about the unpleasant consequences that sports training can have in time. And when I say unpleasant, I mean mostly injuries and unwanted body modifications. Everybody knows that sumo wrestlers are fat, gymnasts are usually short, basketball players are tall, boxers break their noses all the time and may be covered in scars and so forth.

Becoming a Better Fighter By Overcoming Reaction Time

Most MMA fighters today, like those in the UFC, try desperately to reduce and virtually eliminate their reaction time by training their bodies to move faster. Moving faster does not eliminate reaction time, it is much better to train your mind to make everything slower. This is one of the oldest martial arts philosophy that would serve many of today’s fighters well.

How To Find The Right MMA Gym For Your Training

Finding the right MMA gym for your training is an essential key to combat athletics success. The right training program and space will allow you to achieve the strength and flexibility you need as a combat athlete.

Martial Arts: Why People Join and the Misconception

Martial arts is an art of two people combating. It is an art of fighting that decodes the tradition and practices in combating. The main objective of this art is to defend oneself from opponents and defeat them physically.

The Trash Talk About Georges St Pierre Not Finishing His Opponents – Let’s Get The Facts Straight

One of the big criticisms you hear about Georges St Pierre (GSP) is that he doesn’t finish his opponents. Meaning he always goes the distance and fights too cautiously. But is this true? Let’s look at the record. These are the facts and they are indisputable.

Want to Destroy Someones Orbital Bone? Hire Freddie Roach – Georges St Pierre, Pacquiao Comparison

If you want to completely destroy someones orbital bone (the socket where the eye is situated), and shut their eye for the next few weeks…hire Freddie Roach. After months of training with the boxing legend Freddie Roach, that’s exactly what Georges St Pierre (GSP) did to Josh Koscheck at UFC 124.

Mixed Martial Arts – Lessons Learned From Movies

The interesting thing about martial arts is, the principles can be used in different aspects of life and you can also take principles from other areas of life and use it in your fighting. I would like to share some lessons that I have learned over the years by watching martial arts movies. Adaptability: In the movie Rocky Balboa, after Balboa becomes the champion he challenges Rocky (Sylvester Stallone) – his mentor to fight with him.

What Are The Five Tenets In Martial Arts?

In general most martial arts share a basic belief of how to build character and strengthen the individual personality of its students. The most common found in martial arts today is the five tenets. Although there are schools and styles which use different names for them, for the most part they are still the same.

Discover Why It Is Important To Keep The Trade Secrets Secret In Martial Arts

I am sure we have all seen the movies old and new where a wise old instructor informs him that his life depends upon it to never give away the secrets of his training. I am not going to that extreme, but you do need to be careful.  Your instructor has had many years of training in the martial arts and they have a commitment to the art and teaching it.

Karate Training – Learn What Is Involved For The Beginner

Karate is one of the best know martial arts in the western world. Whenever people think of martial arts, Karate will always spring to mind. The word Karate originally meant Chinahand; it was named after its Chinese origins.

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