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The Way To Land In Case You Happen To Be Forced To The Ground – The Breakfall

A Breakfall can be used as a way to land whenever you suddenly go to the floor, typically when your opponent puts you on the floor from a take-down, or more simply, when you are pushed over. They are the base of the roll and must be practiced consistently so that it becomes natural. The concept of the Breakfall is utilized to spread the weight of a fall upon impact over the greatest number of points of your body as possible so as to reduce the stress taken by each point.

Sleeve Choke – Another BJJ Technique

This article explores the move commonly used in BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) known as the sleeve choke – Military personnel also use this move due to the presence of their sleeves on the combat uniforms. This technique is always to make sure that the opponent is in a position where they can’t do anything to retaliate. The sleeve choke is a very dominating position and may be very hard to execute in a hand to hand combat situation. However, once you’ve executed it properly, it guarantees that you have the leverage on the fight.

The Rear Naked Choke In Martial Arts – BJJ Technique

Martial arts have developed greatly over the last ten years. And you have different methods of combat. There are also a wide range of applicable techniques that submits an opponent. There are techniques that apply to any form of martial art, be it the MMA or the Submission grappling. Some of these include, among others the rear naked choke, the ankle hold and the kimura lock. Knowing many of these techniques and how to apply them would make for an effective fight. I would like to discuss the rear naked choke technique in this article.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Open Guard Reverse Position

There are variations when it comes to the BJJ positions. The open guard BJJ happens when your legs are loose, not entirely closed around the torso of your opponent. The fact that your legs are loose also means that you can still attack your opponent; it offers you a greater possibility of an effective attack on him or her. It is very easy to move from a closed guard position to an this position. This could also be helped by your opponent if s/he forces you to leash your ankles. This will only offer you greater possibilities.

50-50 Guard – Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique

50-50 Guard – History of the Position – The 50-50 guard position was known from Roberto “Gordo” Correa, a purple belt Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor. Later on the position was adapted by the Mendes Brothers: Rafael Mendes and Guilherme Mendes followed by Bruno Frazzato and Ramon Lemos from the Atos Jiu Jitsu Team. The 50-50 guard can also be used in Judo to get the fight off the ground.

BJJ Collar Choke

The BJJ is a martial art that is pursued by many. If you are into BJJ, there are a series of submission techniques you may need to acquire to make an impressive career or to overcome your opponents. Most of the grappling and submission techniques you will have in BJJ are also used in the MMA fighting contests. Mastering most of the grappling and submission tools will definitely enable you to get the top hand on your competitors.

The Use of the De La Riva Guard in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The name and techniques of De La Riva Guard comes from Ricardo de la Riva, a black belt Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and was successful doing this technique in his competition also referred as jello guard. The five most important techniques from De La Riva Guard are the basic De La Riva sweep, reverse De La Riva sweep, entangled leg sweep, back trip sweep versus stand-up, and cross knee guard pass counter.

Jiu Jitsu Choke – Head and Arm Choke

You have many techniques of subduing and leading your opponent to surrender. Most of these techniques apply to both MMA combats as well as grappling matches. Some work most efficiently than others. There are grappling techniques that go for most arts, for some of the arts but that are not allowed in some aspects of martial arts. It is important also to note that the most of the techniques, if not all, are allowed in MMA. This makes it a more prestigious and impressive form of martial art combat than the BBJ and other forms where there are many restrictions. Knowing what the rules are and the various ways of attacking and defending yourself and makes it a great chance of winning in the combats.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Technique – Clock Choke

You have countless techniques used for submitting opponents in both the MMA and the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts. You will have many grapplings and striking techniques to submit your opponent. Some of the techniques are not allowed in all martial arts.

BJJ Triangle Choke – New Way to Master It

There are a lot of people nowadays who like watching wrestling and mixed martial arts matches; and viewers often times wonder what are the different moves that artists in this profession can use to incapacitate their opponents and allow them to submit. There is arm-twisting, neck breakings or leg crunching moves that will allow you to make your opponents tap out for submission. Β  A Triangle choke which is also known as sankaku-jime in Judo is one of those moves.

New Ways to Master the Kimura Lock

In almost every grappling submission, you will find different submission holds or techniques. Different fighters or wrestlers will use different techniques depending on the position where they seem to have an advantage over the opponent. Among others, you have the ankle lock and the kimura lock.

Karate Classes For Kids

Although there are already parents who take their kids to karate classes, some still have doubts in their minds. The main question that hangs over their heads is that, “How can karate, characterized by punching and kicking be helpful to children when in its face it already encourages fight?”.

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