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Range Gluttony: Why It Is Unhealthy to Over-Learn One Range

The common mistake of martial artists is that you tend to believe the illusion that you need to defend yourself against common enemies. But in reality, it is only about 10% of the time that you get to use your arts in an altercation; and 90% of the time, you need to use it against yourself.

The Kiai

This article discusses the martial arts kiai. What exactly is it; when to use it, what’s it good for? These questions are answered in this article.

MMA for the Streets? Part 2

This is part 2 of of a 2 part article asking the question is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) good for the street? In this issue, we are going to go into the opposite end of the scale and see how MMA is NOT good for the streets.

MMA for the Streets? Part 1

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts as it is called, is not that great for the streets. It is a great sport though…

Inside China: Mystery of the Seven Dragon Wells

Being an American and living in China and Asia for some twenty years, I often say my eyes are round, but my heart is Chinese. I love China and I love the Chinese people and their culture. However, the masses of the old Sleeping Dragon (now wide awake) seem to be overcome by the vices of western society.

Importance of Self Defense Classes

Why should you become a member of self defense classes? There is only one answer to this question and that is you wish to protect your self and the folks close to you in the bad elements of society. This is no longer a good world to exist in. You gain knowledge from the news which hundreds of crimes happen in your neighborhood alone. Self defense purposes classes proposes to teach you various techniques in martial arts.

Drills To Increase Your Fighting Endurance

More than any other attribute endurance is probably the most important for a martial artist. The fact is that it’s EXTREMELY easy to gas out during a fight and the more stressful the situation, the more adrenaline is pumping through your body, the easier it will be to run out of steam. Your technique gets sloppy, you lose power, you drop your guard, your footwork slows, your will weakens, and you become more and more helpless with every exchange.

Two Approaches To Combat: Natural Reaction VS Optimum Reaction

In my experience there are 2 approaches to self-defense, and both of them are ultimately effective. The approach that you will want to take will probably be determined by your commitment to training and your goals for training. The first approach is what I call “Natural Reaction”.

Can I Get A Black Belt In Jeet Kune Do?

This article explains how ranks work in Jeet Kune Do. Learn where the real emphasis is in training.

Oom Yung Doe – A Passion To Revive Your Inner Strength

There is a saying ‘old is gold’ as Oom Yung Doe is coming to us from past. It is an ancient philosophy practice which nurtures your whole life. It transforms you from inside. Giving you a perfect composition of blended pure life, those who practice this philosophy throughout their life, receive extreme benefits. Oom Yung Doe is a form of martial arts which gives you both physical benefit and mental benefit…

Judo Tips – Dangers of Over-Training

Every Judoka who trains relatively hard has at some stage suffered from over-training. Many Judokas suffer from over-training because Judo is a sport where you train at a high intensity and you push your body to the limit. You may also suffer from over-training if you are dieting for an upcoming tournament, have trouble sleeping or have a lot of stress in their everyday life.

Strength Training for Judo

Strength training for jud I believe is one of the best to do due to the fact that judo has so many components to it. The reason I say this is because in order to be an elite judo player you must have a lot of every athletic component therefore when we train we have so much to choose from.

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