Why do Yin Yoga?

5 Exercises To Improve Your Karate Stances

We will take our time to look at some karate stances and how we can improve ourselves. Before anything, let’s take some time to understand why everybody needs to do it. What is the goal behind improving your karate stances? The truth is the goal is indirectly to increase your striking power.

Kung Fu: A Brief History of the Illusive Art

Kung Fu is an ancient discipline defined by a multitude of styles, each with its own philosophies and disciplines. With styles ranging from simple and subtle to complex and sensational Kung Fu has cultivated a loyal following from casual practitioners and devout students alike. With the advent of popular media, Kung Fu has had no difficulty engaging audiences on movie screens and video games around the world. Whether you enjoy the high flying skills of a Wushu competition or just a good old-fashioned chop-socky movie, you can’t ignore the unwavering influence Kung Fu will always have on our culture.

MMA Tips and Tricks – Learn How To Train For Mixed Martial Arts

Here are some useful MMA tips and tricks. Learn how to train for mixed martial arts with these tips.

Study of Karate (Japanese – Empty Hand)

If you wish to defend yourself in Preston, which has been listed, whether rightly or wrongly I cannot judge, as one of the most violent places it could help if you learnt Karate. Karate is an unarmed combat system which employs kicks, strikes and defensive blocks done with the arms and legs. The real importance of Karate is by placing stress on concentrating as much of the body’s might as possible at the point and moment of impact.

Eight Different Styles Of Karate

Lots of useful bits of information about Karate. Listing the different styles of Karate practised and most f these can be found in Preston.

Do You Want To Learn Effective Self-Defense? Make Sure You’re Not Falling Into This Deadly Trap!

Do you know why it’s getting more and more difficult to find the “best” martial art or self-defense system? Do you have any idea why, if your attacker has been paying attention and not living under a rock somewhere, that it’s getting harder and harder to have the advantage in a fight or self-defense attack situation? Do you want to? If so, then read on, because what I have to say involves one of the number one problems with martial arts and self-defense training today – and making this mistake could cost you more than the money you waste on classes!

Colorado MMA Fighters To Watch For In 2011 – Andrew Alirez

Rising Colorado MMA fighter Andrew Alirez is a fighter to watch for in 2011 from the region. Not only a great fighter with a solid future in MMA, he is also a full time student, husband, and father.

Becoming a Strength and Cardio Animal

If you are a pro mixed martial arts fighter, amateur fighter or just amateur sports man/woman, you probably know the point when you feel that your strength is not getting any better, your endurance is not improving any more, you don’t experience any progress, marching on the same spot, it can be really depressing. And what about injuries? One day starting to feel a small pain in your knee or in the lower back, you think “no big deal, it’s gonna pass, I will continue my training like I always do and the pain…

Tai Chi Quan Is All About Balance

Tai Chi is all about balance. In the broad meaning of the word Tai Chi practitioners see that there has to be balance in every aspect of our environment and personal life. The weather, which is out of our control, needs balance to avoid drought, flood, and other undesirable conditions. Our economics needs balance to maintain stability in the economy of our state, country, and world. When our work and leisure time are proportionate our careers can take off. Balance in our personal lives in regard to sleep, activity, nourishment and communication with others promotes a feeling of well-being and health. Every age person who wants to feel fit, confident and welcoming inner peace is able to practice the ancient art. Nothing could obliterate that confidence quicker than a sudden fall. Now you are faced with weeks of rehabilitation. Balance exercises which is what Tai Chi is all about brings fast results. Balance is the first thing you will notice an improvement in after practicing the Chinese art.

Shaolin Kung Fu’s Five Animals!

Shaolin Kung Fu’s Five Animals embody a rank-order starting with the lowly Snake and ending with the mighty Dragon. Technique and combat strategies associated with each Animal are considered in this article accounting for their positions in the Five Animals hierarchy.

Kettlebell Jerks: Functional Power For Muay Thai Fighters!

If you are interested in improving your Muay Thai skills then you have got to have a smart strength and conditioning plan in place. Building athleticism requires both skill and effort and kettlebell jerks will demand both of these traits from you.

How To Make Seven Deadly Martial Arts Weapons From One Article Of Clothing

Caught in a riot and want to get home? You are wearing an incredibly deadly weapon and didn’t even know it!

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