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How to Win Any Fight

Let me just first start off by saying that what I’m going to teach you can and will hurt someone badly, and should only be used for self defense. Ever wanted to learn how to fight just like a Mixed Martial Artist to protect yourself, friends or family?

Discover How Simple Visualisation Techniques Can Improve Your Martial Arts Skills

You could call the art of visualisation a form of meditation. By visualising success, whatever you believe that to be, means that you have the ability to achieve it. It could be seeing yourself doing the perfect round-house kick or winning a competition.

Discover How Cardiovascular Training Can Supplement Your Martial Arts Class

The issue with martial arts is that you do need to be physically fit to do it. Many martial artists partake in other forms of exercise or sport to improve their levels of health and fitness. Ideally you need to do at least three hours of cardiovascular training per week.

The Benefits of Muay Thai Training Camps

It is to be understood that Muay Thai is not an easy martial art to learn. You need to have a lot of discipline and concentration to learn the sport. Attending a training camp is a must in the case Thai boxing.

Defend Yourself!

The art of self defense can help you improve your self-confidence and gives you the feeling of being safe. There are various martial art lessons in the towns near you. However, as a martial artist, I will freely give you some effective techniques of self defense.

Learn How To Confront Your Fears With the Power Of Martial Arts

One common theme in life which can hold us back from our goals and desires is fear. People are afraid of falling flat and also at succeeding, speaking up and even remaining silent. No wonder in our modern society people become anxious and stressed.

How Controlled Breathing Techniques Can Help Your Martial Arts Skills

Martial arts is not just about sparring with your partners and grappling techniques, by consciously and deliberately controlling your breathing, you can do many things. You can calm yourself down; and build up your stamina and endurance by ensuring your body gets enough oxygen, and also how to learn to focus. It may sound obvious to you all but you should always be aware of your breathing, especially so as you partake in any exercise.

Benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is one of the most popular martial art around the world. This art consist of self defense and offense. Even thou, this art practically focused its trainings on the offensive and defensive techniques, the benefits of this art are significantly countless. BJJ can help you improve your physical and emotional development. If you are training this art, certainly you will develop respect, discipline and self confidence. To explain in detail, here are the benefits that you can gain, just by training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

What Traditional Weapons Are Used In Martial Arts?

One of the most exciting prospects for many students taking up martial arts is the ability to work with weapons. Let’s face it martial arts weapons are a bit odd in their nature, who wouldn’t want to learn how to throw around a ninja star, or use a sword like a Samurai? In general though traditional weapons training will only serve one purpose; the preservation of the ancient techniques.

How to Instantly Double Your Self Defense Training

When practicing a certain skill set many times over, it is inevitable that the mind begins to shift into more of an “auto-pilot” mode than to concentrate on whatever task is being performed. This is natural; however, when the ultimate goal is to prepare oneself for a physical encounter, this mental “checking out” process can and will set your training back. It is only by committing fully with your imagination that your training can progress to the highest level, for when you use your imagination, that is when your training begins to become functional. In self defense, it is functionality that equals effectiveness.

Why Kids Should Study Traditional Martial Arts

This article aims to provide parents with good reasons why they should enroll their children in traditional martial arts institutions. There is a lot to be gained in educating children with martial knowledge and expose them to some degree of necessary violence. In this article, I am going to counter the argument posted by pacifist behaviorists upon this matter.

The Top 5 Colorado MMA Promotions

Colorado has a rich history when it comes to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. Adding to this history are the various local MMA promotions in the state. Here is a look at the top 5 current MMA promotions in Colorado at the time of this writing.

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