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Martial Arts: The Benefits

Have you ever considered joining a martial arts club and asked the question what can martial arts actually do for me? Or what can I actually achieve practising martial arts? The answer is there are endless benefits both mental and physical but the main benefits are listed below.

Why Most Martial Artists Can’t Punch

Over four decades of martial practice I’ve worked with thousands of students and fellow artists. Among all of them I count ONE HANDFUL of people who could throw a truly devastating punch; and that includes one of the five being the world champion, Joe Lewis. How can this be?

The Divisions in Mix Martial Art Training

No matter which era one lives in, there will always be crimes and hoodlums running around. This is not a perfect world; and that’s a reality that everyone has to live by. Yes, we all have to accept that but we don’t have to live scared. It is because of danger that idea of martial arts was born.

MMA Conditioning – What It Takes to Win an MMA Fight

If you are a fan of MMA, or have started MMA Conditioning training, then you should know it takes more than technique to win. Many fighters have lost purely due to the fact that they are not as quick, powerful, or long lasting as their opponents. And their problem stems right from their training. Here are is a list of things that a good MMA conditioning program MUST address, but most fighters really have no idea about.

How Security Officers Train in Miyama Ryu

Rupert was working security at the mall when he heard the couple arguing. Suddenly the man began to slap and punch the woman in her face. She screamed and tried to protect herself.

Learning Jiu Jitsu – Is Ground Fighting Really The Ultimate Martial Art?

Do you want to Learn Jiu Jitsu? Mixed Martial Arts has exploded lately in popularity causing a boom in MMA schools as well as people who want to lean Jiu Jitsu. But is Jiu Jitsu right for you? Find out in this article about Jiu Jitsu.

How To Train For UFC And Win

Mixed martial arts competition is one of the most demanding activities you could possibly undertake. Preparing for this challenge requires perhaps the most demanding training program you can handle.

How to Use Your Eyes

Have ever you wondered if you are using your eyes properly? Would you upset if someone tells you that he would teach you how to use your eyes? You may say you are using your eyes all right, but wait a moment and listen. What if I said your eyes are telling others what you are thinking? What if I ask if you are using your eyes to watch the truth, not the surface of the scene? Please find the author’s opinion based on his experience with the use of eyes in martial arts’ training.

What Makes A Great MMA Training Program?

Have you ever wondered what makes a great MMA program? If you are wondering what it takes to advance to a high level of success in the MMA world you are in for a long, difficult, but extremely rewarding journey. Not surprisingly the best MMA training programs are a mix of skill and technique training…

Main Benefits That You Can Gain From Learning Martial Arts

There are numerous forms of martial arts that you can learn. The fact is with any type of martial arts, you will be able to gain a lot of things. It develops all the aspects in life such as mental, social, intellectual, emotional and most especially physical.

Too Much Pride

I haven’t written anything in quite a while, but so much has happened since then that I really don’t know where to start. To be completely honest, most of it is so personal that I am not ready to share it either. What I will share with you is something that is not unique to me.

Why It Is Necessary to Train Security Guards in Defensive Strategies and Tactics

Improperly trained security guards can leave firms and individuals liable to civil and criminal suits. Miyama Ryu Police Defensive Tactics training teaches not only physical techniques of restraint but also how to deescalate a potentially violent situation.

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