Weigh Ins | Bellator 257: Nemkov vs. Davis II

The Secret of Martial Arts Meditation

Meditation, and especially martial arts meditation is usually misunderstood. Here are the exact instructions for a simple meditation, which will lead to more and greater methods.

Do You Know What To Do When Facing A Confrontation?

Most people don’t know what to do to prevent a violent confrontation properly. If you aren’t sure yourself, read this article.

A Lesson In The Art Of Awareness

Having a strong sense of your surroundings is one of your best self-defense weapons. This article covers a lesson learned real time, and how you can hone this important skill.

Sixth Sense Self-Defense

Self-defense lessons can be learned in the most unlikely places. You don’t have to be in the training hall, or listening to a lecture to acquire them. Read on to discover how one potentially lifesaving self-defense tip was learned by the author in an unusual circumstance.

The Virtuous Path

Many martial arts styles developed by observing animals. But we can learn much more than just a mantis fist, monkey fist, or leopard’s paw strike. Read on to discover more.

The Pet Store Lesson

Self-defense lessons aren’t all taught in the training hall, or dojo. Read this article for insights on an interesting lesson that revealed itself outside a pet store one fine summer day.

Your Capable Calm

There really are no mysteries in the martial arts.The instinctive response can be learned just like any other skill.This article explains the progression a student must make in order to defend themselves without even thinking about it.

I Can’t Be Taken To The Ground

In a self-defense situation, some attitudes are more dangerous than others. Read this article to discover one that you do not want to posses, and why it is so dangerous.

Common Sense Self-Defense

In the fast-paced society that we live in today, one can easily lose sight of the important life-skills that one must possess. It is misguided to depend on government services to be there for us in our time of need. Read on for more information on this critical topic.

Grappling With Statistics

Since the advent of the UFC, most martial artists are now completely aware of the importance of learning ground techniques and tactics to aid in your self-defense. But how important are they really? This article answers the question for you.

Tip Your Cup

You have probably heard of the old cliche regarding having an empty cup. This article discusses that idea, and demonstrates how it is useful for your training in the martial arts.

Moral Martial Arts

What are your foundational virtues? Have you ever thought them through? There are many things to learn when one pursues the path of the modern samurai, and this article discusses some of the those very things.

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