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Did Karate Help Change Japan?

Karate is a martial art that dates back to the 1400s to the Ryukyu Islands, Japan where trade merchants learned to fight without weapons. It wasn’t until the late 1900s that karate was accepted by the government and even introduced in schools to young students.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – The Game of Human Chess

Few people who are not already involved in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu realize how it is much like a game of chess. Although BJJ is a physical activity, it is equally a mental competition. If you are new to this type of martial arts or have not yet begun training, then this is something you should understand.

Improve Your Martial Arts Through Stretching

It doesn’t pay to tear your muscles stretching in an effort to get higher taekwondo kicks. Instead, use a more mindful approach that involves concentration on the breath to achieve great things. Increasing your flexibility isn’t just about doing middle splits or front splits. You need to diversify your poses to get the most out of your efforts. Follow these simple tips to achieve more in less time for the enhancement of flexibility.

The Problem With Men Teaching Women’s Self Defense Classes

Every year, women attend self defense classes that are developed and taught by men. But how can a man know anything about what it’s like for a woman to be attacked by a man? Women don’t purport to know what it’s like to get into beer brawls and how to “fight like a man!” Before you get involved as a female in a self defense or martial arts class taught by male instructors, consider the pros and cons. Your life may depend on it!

Light Kung Fu Can Be Made Out of Any Martial Art

Light Kung Fu is one of the ancient methods for training the body to be quick and light as air and totally balanced. Here is a modern method that is quicker and cheaper.

Tai Chi As a Martial Art

Tai chi is more than graceful movements that can reduce stress and help heal the body. Tai chi, at its root is a martial art. In fact the true name of tai chi is taijiquan, which means supreme ultimate fist.

How To Fight – Tips To Become A Great Fighter

Have you ever loved action movies, where hero places a punch right on the nose or cheek of his opponent? Have you ever tried yourself to do so? Well, that could be harmful; nonetheless, there comes such situations in one’s life, when one has to fight in order to make his end safe. Well, if you do not know how to fight against your enemies, you have to learn a few tricks to make your end safe. Following are some of the tricks you can learn in order to know how to fight against your enemy:

Self-Defense – Do You Need Some Self Defense Training?

In our humble opinion, self-defense training should form the foundation for any self-defense strategy. And here’s why! Read on to learn more.

Bruce Lee Philosophy Very Zen Like

Bruce Lee Philosophy encompasses martial arts and life. Here is a piece based on his great essay regarding ‘My view of Gung Fu.’ It reveals that he was cultivating a very zen like state of mind.

BJJ Training Tips – How to Choose A Rolling Partner in BJJ

Time to roll, mat full of people. Use these bjj training tips to improve your arsenal!

Dragon Kung Fu Next Step After Tiger Kung Fu!

Dragon Kung Fu refers to internal martial arts systems. Tiger Kung Fu refers to hard, or external kung fu systems. Here is a simple trick for changing the tiger into the dragon in eastern self defense systems.

Martial Arts Injuries And Feeling No Pain

When it comes to martial arts injuries you have to know how to reduce them, and how to handle them. Here is the mental aspect of this.

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