Weigh Ins | Bellator 251: Manhoef vs. Anderson

Building Blocks Of The MMA Diet You Must Get Right

MMA is still fairly new and we are still learning what is most effective especially when it comes to the MMA Diet. Since a fighter sustains such a brief intensity of exertion in the octagon or ring they need to focus on getting their diet just right to optimize their strength and power for that time. This type of diet is not the same kind of diet that a marathon runner would have since they are looking for a long endurance level of nutrition feeding the body.

Bruce Lee’s Low Kicks With The Rear Leg

If you have followed Bruce Lee for any length of time, then you know that he advised that you kick the nearest target to you with the closest weapon, probably your lead (forward) foot. It makes sense, when you think about the principle of the shortest distance, straight lines, etc. On the other hand, if you are looking for an effective.

Anderson Silva Vs Forrest Griffin – A Missed Opportunity

The Anderson Silva Vs. Forrest Griffin fight is still being talked about. The day was Aug. 8, 2009, and Griffin was coming off a TKO loss to fellow TUF competitor (The Ultimate Fighter). He was looking to reestablish himself as a Light Heavyweight superstar, and what better way to do it than a victory over Anderson “The Spider” Silva, the perceivably unbeatable UFC champion? Griffin’s camp had prepared for five 5 minute rounds.

Learn To Fight: 3 Key Principles You Must Know

Learning to fight can be a confusing and some times mysterious task. It doesn’t have to be. These three principles will help you learn how to fight in a matter of weeks.

Interview With Jay Valko (Valko BJJ)

Jay Valko is a gentleman and a scholar. Jay Valko gives us some insights on the importance injury prevention, starting a cover band, and his beard. And I think he talks about Jiu-Jitsu a fair bit too. Have you ever used jiu jitsu in a self-defense situation?

Iron Bullock Arts!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret And Consummate Arts, i.e. Secret Fighting Exercises, or ‘Kungs’, involve extreme training and can produce remarkable results. ‘Iron Bullock Arts’, develops tremendous abdominal strength and resilience, enabling resistance to blows from hands, feet or weapons, and is described in detail, alongside methods of mastery and the three key developmental stages involved.

Shaolin Kung Fu Secrets – Cloth Sack Arts!

The famous Shaolin feat where people are invited to attempt to remove a metal dish from a Monk’s abdomen (usually unsuccessfully) is based on this ‘Kung’. After it has been achieved, the abdomen should now be able to withstand attack from wooden and iron implements. The Yin (soft) and Yang (hard) aspects of this exercise require careful co-ordination…

Situational Awareness – The Most Important Thing

Knowing how to defend yourself is a good skill to have. Knowing how to recognize bad situations and avoid altercations all together is a great skill. One that most people overlook.

The Many Reasons Why MMA Training Is Beneficial For Your Kids

There are mixed reactions among parents regarding the idea of getting their kids involved in training. The truth is that MMA training for kids can be very beneficial. The various forms of martial arts have been used for many centuries as a form of self-defence and exercise.

Match Your MMA Gear With Your MMA Training

People’s number one concern when ordering MMA gear is whether the gear will last or not. You’ve been through the drill of having it delivered and testing it on you but then not doing the training and not using it after all.

MMA Gear That Is Essential

When choosing MMA training for getting into shape, MMA equipment is needed. It’s dangerous to jump right in, but this danger is lessened if you have the right equipment. You must wear the correct MMA equipment to avoid the injuries that come along with the MMA game.

Silly Iron Palm Demos Part 2: Parlor Tricks Vs Actual Breaking Skill

There are many parlor tricks sometimes used at iron palm demonstrations. Here is a short list of some of the more common ones.

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