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Krav Maga Techniques

Krav Maga is a martial art growing in popularity. Employed by the Israeli armed forces, Krav Magna employs a number of techniques that may be familiar to those well versed in other martial arts. We look at some of these techniques in more detail in this article.

Karate Round Kick

The Mawashi Geri, also known as the round kick is both deadly and beautiful. Landing a round kick will have adverse effects on any opponent, and it is one of the four basic kicks you learn when you start. It may take a little time to practice the kick with good technique, but it’s worth it in the long run.

Haye And Klitschko Disappoint

On Saturday night Haye lost his belt to the new undisputed Heavywieght champion of the world Wladimir Klitschko in Germany. Haye made such a fuss pre-fight but barely managed to hit, let alone knockout the enourmous opponent meaning he ended up losing to a stiff jab and little else. The disappointing fight was all not what the ten thousand fans had expected.

Toad Exercise

Toad Exercise aka ‘Hama Gong’ uses weights as apparatus. This is the Shaolin Temple Secret Fighting Exercise or ‘Kung’ most compatible with Western Weight-Lifting and Weight-Training methods. Strengthening and developing all parts of the body, Hama Gong relies purely on External Physical Strength, Power Training and Effort for results, aided by key visualisations.

Essential Concepts For Beginning Martial Arts Training

This article contains a brief look into different aspects of martial arts training. A good starting point for beginners or a reference point for the more experienced.

UFC 132: A Battle of the Veterans

UFC 132 features 5 fighters who are 30 or older out of 10 total fighters on the main card. This is poised to be one of the “oldest” cards in UFC history. The main event will feature Dominick Cruz, current bantamweight title holder, against Urijiah Faber.

Heavyweight Rankings Part 1

Ranking the top 10 heavyweight in MMA is a very hard thing to do. The Heavyweight division is easily the hardest division to really try and make sense out of, because it has so many moving parts, and the top 15 fighters are basically split down the middle into two different organizations. According to the USA Today rankings, 5 of the top 10 heavyweights reside in Strikeforce, and another 5 in the top 25 reside out of the UFC.

Light Heavyweight Rankings

Jon Jones has been more dominant than any light heavyweight in recent memory (outside of Lyoto Machida) and has steamrolled his way to the belt. His drubbing of Shogun was seriously shocking to watch as a long time fan, as he made one of the most gifted and brutally skilled light heavyweights of all time look like a child.

Sources of Knowledge in Martial Arts

The relationship between a trainer and trainees is based on a give and take of knowledge. This knowledge is made up of four main sources.

Linking Our Assumptions to Martial Arts

With martial arts, it is important to remember that one’s assumptions will play a role in their skills. This, however, will not always match the hostile situation which they are in.

Martial Arts: A Step Beyond!

Martial arts is far more then physical struggle. It focuses on searching one’s soul, self-fulfilling, and approaches that are reactionary.

Differentiating Between the Concepts of Martial Arts

With martial arts there are many closely related terms. It is important for a martial artist to understand the difference between these.

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