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Do You Want to Master the Ninja’s Self-Defense System?

In this article I will be discussing some very important areas of study. These “gates” as they were known in ancient Japan, were the required areas of study for anyone, or any school, professing to be studying or teaching Ninjutsu. This system of cataloging and identifying an authentic, traditional ninjutsu school is called the Ninja no Hachimon, or “The 8 Gates of the Ninja.” Each gate is not only a complete system of study, but each also serves to make the others stronger, and takes the ninja’s self-defense system far outside the range of conventional martial arts training.

Krav Maga: The Best Self-Defense Art For Everyone

A number of people have taken one or the other self-defense lessons to be able to protect themselves and deal with danger. This article will tell you about KravMaga, one such art which has gained popularity both amongst the civilians as well as military personnel.

Biggest Fight Myth: All Fights Go To The Ground

The biggest and most dangerous myth in fighting is that all fights go to the ground. This myth can really get you hurt because the ground is the most dangerous place to be in a fight. Learn why this myth was created and how to avoid the ground.

11 Self Defense Techniques

The following eleven self defense techniques have been taught for the past forty years at my dochang and are a requirement on the green belt test (intermediate level). Maybe they will help spark a few ideas for you. I hope so anyway.

The Big Don’t of Mixed Martial Arts, MMA Workouts

MMA workouts are essential for an MMA fighter since these are what shapes them into better fighters in the ring. However, there are lots of details beginners need to know before following up on their MMA workout.

Inoue DVD Box Set Review

Out of all the judo DVDs out there, including Jeon, Koga Quellmalz and all the 101 ippons the Inoue DVD is not the one I would have bought. But luckily for me I got given a copy and I must say what an awesome DVD. Since watching it I am going to say that it is one of the best (if not the best) Judo DVD’s on the market.

Judo Mistakes: 5 Reasons Why Your Opponent Can Throw You

There are a few common mistakes that Judoka make that give their opponent an opportunity to throw them. If you can minimize these mistakes then you will last a lot longer and may even win the match. You let your opponent grip you Your opponent will throw you if he has his grip.

Secrets Of Shaolin Leaps and Jumps

The 72 Secret Fighting Exercises or ‘Kungs’ of the Shaolin Temple involve demanding training extremes, essential to their mastery. Jumping and leaping skills like those demonstrated in Kung Fu movies can be gained via this example.

What Are The Differences Between Karate And Tae Kwon Do?

With much rivalry between Karate and Tae Kwo Do, I take an unbiased look at what are the real differences between the 2 styles and what has caused them to develop that way. This is not to try to show that either style is better than the other, but rather to show how they have different strengths and how they gear themselves to maximise those strengths. I hope that it will give people of both styles a better understanding of the other.

Judo and Tabata Intervals

The other day I was just about to train one of my clients when he got a phone call asking him to return back to work. This meant that he had only 15 minutes to train. I decided to put him through his first Tabata session.

Revolutionary Grappling

Brazilian jiu-jitsu is used as a self-defense system, as a combat sport, and as a fundamental building block in the construction of a MMA fighter. It is an art that houses dozens of styles beneath its umbrella. While there are genres of painting such as romanticism, abstract, and impressionism, the grappling community has their own too.

Uncovering The True History of Kung Fu

A quick but thorough outline of Kung Fu history. Goes into the histories and philosophical influences behind these great arts.

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