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The Values Of Learning Jiu Jitsu

Jiu Jitsu is a form of martial art that is widely practiced in Brazil, but has its origins in Japan from the early 20th century. It is known as Brazilian form of art as they were trying to find the mother of the different art forms. People started noticing the art from 1990 onwards, when the creator, small man, held a no bars tournament, and defeated a large one with his skills in the martial art. The Brazilian Carlos Gracie, learned the art from the Japanese Mitsuyo Maeda, and taught it to his four brothers. Royce Gracie, the youngest, was a guy whose body weight was less and had a short height, found difficulty in practicing the art.

Fa-Jing and Wing Chun Punching Power

Hitting hard is more than just muscle and body rotation – learn more about fa-jing and how to strengthen your tendons for a more explosive punch. Read on to boost your Wing Chun punching power!

How To Keep Martial Arts Interesting For Kids

Adults taking martial arts are very different from children taking it because children have a shorter attention span, and can become bored with repetitive practice. Therefore, the best way to keep kids interested in martial arts is to keep it fun, because anything that is fun is something that will keep a child’s interest.

The Mechanics of Wing Chun Punches

Made famous by its rapid hand strikes – Wing Chun punches are some of the fastest you’ll see – thrown with maximum efficiency for devastating results. Not a fight starter but a definite fight finisher – read on to find out more.

The Wing Chun Forms – More Than a Bunch of Movements

There are five main forms in Wing Chun Kung Fu – they are the blueprints to the system, characterize most of the movements available and are a great way for students to train without a partner. The 5 forms can be divided into the unarmed and armed system – 4 unarmed and 2 armed forms.

Shaolin Kung Fu Secret Fighting Exercises

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret And Consummate Arts, also known as ‘Kungs’ or Fighting Exercises’, involve extreme training but can produce astonishing results. Two related examples are described, plus practical details of training intensity and duration and of the simple basic, but very effective, traditional training-aids used to acquire these particular skills.

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Jiu Jitsu – The Art of Fighting

The martial art Jiu Jitsu, originated in the early 20th century in Japan. It was brought to Brazil by the Japanese, Mitsuyo Maeda, who taught it to Carlos Garcia. He taught it to his four brothers. The youngest of the lot-Royce Garcia formulated the art as we perceive it today. Prior to them, the Samurais used the art form along with their weapons. They knew the submission moves like: throws, strikes, joint locks and choking. The art teaches you how to combat a strong and big opponent despite being small. It teaches you how to use the strength and energy of the opponent to your advantage. It is similar to Judo that originated in Japan in 1892.

Internal Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kung Fu is often taught as a “hard” or “external” style. There are few schools that teach the internal method of Wing Chun. Went learnt the internal way, Wing Chun is an extremely powerful martial art.

Jiu Jitsu The Ancient Martial Art

Jiu Jitsu is an ancient art that was practiced by the Samurais along with other weapons. It is an art form that began in the 20th century in Japan. It was brought to Brazil by the Japanese teacher Mitsuyo Maeda, who taught it to Carlos Garcia. But it was after the training of his four brothers that schools were opened. The art took its present shape when Royce Garcia, the youngest of the Garcia brothers, could not fight using the techniques of the art. Royce was a light weight and short guy who found out that he could use the art by replacing leverage with strength.

Martial Arts As Mind Power Over Body Pain

We see a performance in the martial arts, such as in karate and we wonder at the visible, physical phenomena before our eyes. Little do we reflect upon the invisible, mental discipline at work. It is possible in the martial arts that the mind power or psychological impact being expressed is one hundred times as powerful as the visible or muscular factor when the performance is viewed as a whole.

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