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What Is the Best Self Defense Training?

More and more people today would like to learn how to defend themselves. It might be true that some people are more vulnerable than others because of where they live or work or the time of the day when they are active. Despite this, the fact is that an attack can take place anywhere, anytime.

Anderson Silva Vs GSP: A Dream That Is About to Come True?

There have been even stronger rumours than usual about Anderson Silva finally fighting GSP providing that GSP can defeat Jake Shields at UFC 129.  Silva vs. GSP is the fight that the MMA world has been wanting for years.

Mixed Martial Arts Training – Core Training

The growing popularity of Mixed Martial Arts have opened the gateway for a lot of people to join and enroll in the exciting combat sports, whether to become physically fit or to follow the footsteps of their favorite MMA artist.  Every martial art styles are different and yet the foundation of their core training is usually the same.

3 Self Defense Tips to Protect Yourself at Night

Do you have any great ideas on how to counter an assault with a proven and tested self defense strategy? A lot of crimes usually happen at nightfall.

Learn Krav Maga

Krav Maga mainly focuses on self-defence. It was designed in such a way so that the teaching part can be done quickly, and both trainers and trainees do not have to invest a lot amount of time. This is still used by Israeli forces.

MMA Training: Strength and Conditioning Circuit for Teens

MMA Training – Here’s a muscle toning MMA Training Strength and Conditioning Circuit for teens that will help you prepare for MMA or self defense. Teens now days are as much into MMA training as adults are and they always ask me, what kind of strength and conditioning workouts they can do since they can’t really do all the workouts we do, so here we go. Enjoy and Train hard.

Martial Arts Forms

This article defines martial arts forms. It also discusses the benefits of practicing forms as part of your martial arts training.

Krav Maga – Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in Krav Maga but not sure whether to get a professional training in it, these answers to Frequently Asked Questions about this self defense system would help you make up your mind. Read on.

Keeping Children Safe From Attackers

Attacks on children by strangers are, fortunately, rare. However, we should still be vigilant when it comes to teaching them about personal safety. Making sure children are aware of the dangers that strangers can present without scaring them is a tough balancing act.

A Tip To Acquire Self Control

Anytime a person chooses to learn how to protect themselves, acquire self defense, or convert to being a better individual, one of the first things that comes to mind is the martial arts. Martial arts are very common these days, they’re being taught and practiced worldwide now.

Easy Way to Fail at BJJ – EGO

EGO – perhaps man’s greatest gift and his greatest curse. It drives men to unbelievable heights and at the same time has the power to blind us to the obvious. The art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is especially challenging to the ego.

MMA Training – The 3 Levels of a Mixed Martial Arts Training Regimen

There are three levels to a complete MMA training program and they must be followed in the correct order to get the most out of your training before you fight. Building the right kind of MMA training program is a lot like building a house. Here are the three levels that will make your MMA training complete and make your opponent gain another loss on his record.

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