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Military Training Not Always Ideal For Civilians

In this article the author looks at whether military training is suitable for civilians. He looks at the different needs of military members and the factors that determine their training, and discusses how well it melds with the needs of the average civilian.

Using Keys As Self-Defense Weapons

In this article the author looks at the idea and practice of using keys as self-defense weapons. He discusses putting keys in your fist to use as a punching aid as well as using keys as swinging and stabbing weapons, going over the pro’s and con’s.

The Truth About Training Attitude

There are certain habits that will aid you in your training, and some that will bring you further away from your training goals. Read this article to discover one habit you do not want to have.

You Just Got Punched in The Head, Now What?

Getting the occasional scrape, bump, or bruise is common when training any contact sport. But there are right, and wrong ways to deal with them. This article hits you with the facts like a blow to the head.

It’s Always The Right Time To Beat On a Dummy

When life gets busy, does your training suffer? Read this article to discover exactly why you must protect your training time. It may be more valuable than you realize.

How to Get Back to Your Training Routine

Many people struggle with training consistently in the martial arts. If this is you, read this article for five sure fire ways to get back to training, and developing the self confidence you deserve.

One Habit That Will Give You Unshakable Focus

Very successful people/martial artists are not where they are at by accident, or mistake. They typically have certain things that they do, or certain habits that have aided them tremendously along the way. Read this article to learn one such trick.

How to Crush Your Training Goals in 2014

Many people make New Year’s resolutions. Dedicated martial artists also create goals specific to their training ideals. Read this article for specific advice on how to excel with your martial goals now.

Become a Fighting Machine in 2014

This year could be the year that you could become an absolute machine but first there are a few things you need to look at in order to become a machine. For example there are a variety of physical attributes needed to become a good, well-conditioned fighter.

The Importance of Having Self-Defense Skills

Violence is rarely the answer. But when it is time to protect yourself from harm, having self-dense skills is vital.

Martial Arts Supplies You Might Want For Studying

If you are going to be studying a form of self defense there are a few things that you may want to use for your training. Martial arts can be trained without any equipment for the most part but let’s just go over a few things that might help you out.

Choosing Between Different Martial Arts

There are a few common types of martial arts. This article will tell you some of the differences between the most popular styles.

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