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TKD Sparring Rules – Ignore at Your Own Risk

TKD or Taekwondo Sparring is one of the most commonly practiced sport martial arts in the world, in number of practitioners, and it is currently the only martial art that is in the Olympic Games. When competing in TKD Sparring, it is very important to know the rules both for safety concerns, as well as for winning strategies.

Why Do Dojo’s Hang Different National Flags on the Wall?

Have you ever stopped to wonder why so many dojos typically have a wide assortment of national flags on their walls? Why would a dojo in the United States hang flags from another country on its walls? A vital part of any martial artists training is learning about the rich history and traditions of the various self-defense forms. Of the countless traditions to be found in the dojo, perhaps the most often overlooked one is that of the flags that decorate its walls. Take your martial arts training to a deeper level and uncover the secrets of the flags.

What Are the Differences Between Kung Fu, Karate and Tae Kwon Do?

Are you interested in studying Karate, Kung Fu or Tae Kwon Do but aren’t sure what each has to offer? Making the commitment to study one of the martial arts is no small task. If you’ve always wondered what the differences are between many of the martial arts that or how they can all look the same while being so very different, then perhaps you should take a moment to learn about them. Even though they have influence over one another, learn the vast differences between the forms of Karate, Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do. Pick a style that fits what you are looking for in your next sports activity.

Costs of Self Defense Classes

Budget is one of the main factors to consider when it comes to deciding whether you will enroll in a self-defense class or not. Each type of classes has different sets of costs. Of course, one thing you have to know is the cost for the training fee.

Magical Self-Defense, Delusions and Solutions: Body Toughening, Chi and Lethal Target Training

I was prompted to write this piece by a host of articles and videos I’ve seen online recently, in particular a few that purport to offer a simple, hard-core solution to the weaknesses of all the others. The subject is whether or not you can train yourself to withstand strikes from an attacker.

Final Instructions From Antonio Pereira – The Founder of Miyama Ryu

One of the early pioneers of Modern traditional Japanese jujutsu was Antonio Pereira. His teaching method or style was called Miyama Ryu. For over five decades he taught thousands of individuals how to defend themselves using ancient Samurai techniques, tactics and strategies. This teaching method was largely unknown until his Successor (Daishihan) of the art revealed them in a series of books, and dvds to the general public.

Self Defense For Women

Men see women as vulnerable and fragile that is why, in most cases, women are the usual victims of violence and crimes. However, this wrong perception needs to stop immediately. Every woman should be strong and smart to be able to protect themselves from threats and violence.

Types of Personal Defense

Personal or self-defense had been a popular practice that started several centuries ago. It had evolved and developed to make it more effective and useful for every person who knows and uses the techniques. Nowadays, martial arts are the most famous and in-demand type of self-defense.

Learning Martial Arts for Self-Defense

Learning one or two martial arts is the best way to defend yourself from your assailant. If you know the right moves and the right techniques to use your body to combat your attacker, then, it would be very easy for you to protect yourself and other people, as well.

Stellar Workouts That Can Boost Up MMA Training Programs

Do you have the physical strength and stamina to withstand those threatening submission moves worked upon you by the opponent? A great physical endurance level can be the only way to sustain intense pressure on the body through various submission moves such as dead locks, anaconda choke and the famous ankle lock. From this, it is clear that having a rock hard body is the key to succeed in MMA for self defence.

UFC 127 Penn VS Fitch: Now What?

Let me start off by saying this: I thought Fitch won that fight. I was expecting a split decision in his favor, but wouldn’t have been surprised if it had been unanimous. BJ wouldn’t have been surprised either.

The Soil of Human Experience – And Finding the Perfect Kung Fu Punch

Digging for antiques provides allegory and lesson for a martial artist. The methods twine, and a Perfect Kung fu punch is the result.

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