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The Story of Tai Chi From Its Beginnings in the 1600s to the Present Day

The story of Tai Chi is often conceived as beginning with Chang San-feng – generally regarded as a mythical monk in the tradition of the I-Ching and Taoism- perhaps living around 1368 onwards. He is credited with blending existing health exercises, fighting styles and his own observations (including natural animalistic movements) and strategic thinking into a synthesis which later grew into what we now refer to as Tai Chi.

The Need for Studying Martial Arts

Martial arts are well-known to a lot of people to be a great way to help them learn easy methods to defend themselves during deadly encounters and events especially when they are all on their own in a place and there is no other person to assist them. But aside from possibly helping an individual help save his / her life, these kinds of techniques also play an important factor in keeping the body healthy in most aspects. You’ll find a wide variety of arts that folks can try for themselves especially as there are combat styles…

Is a Karate Competition for Winners or Losers?

The combative aspects of karate as well as, its long-standing traditions are all an important aspect of not only karate but the martial arts in general. However, is too much emphasis being put on free style fighting and competition point scoring techniques? Any real karateka cannot ignore and must consider what the true meaning of karate-do really is.

Secrets of Tai Chi

For hundreds of years, the Chinese culture has preserved the way to both health and fitness through the mastery of Tai Chi. Hypertension, high-blood pressure, heart disease as well as a number of other illness and afflictions can be sustained as well as also turned around with the gentle practice of Tai Chi.

Are You an Annoying Grip Fighter on the Judo Mat?

The principle “use it, or lose it” is a saying that isn’t too far from the truth. If all you are doing in Randori is grip fighting you will soon lose the ‘feeling’ of what it is like throw during Randori. Resulting in Randori becoming difficult and less fun.

Do Top Level Judo Players Do Regular Weight Training?

As an international Judo player I have spent a lot of time in Japan training and it always surprises me when people state that the Japanese do Judo every single day and that they don’t need to do any weights at all. I always reply by saying, “Haven’t you seen the photos of Ishii and Nomura without their shirts on?? What about multiple world champions Ilias Iliadis and Teddy Riner?” I don’t want to sound like a stalker but if you have seen photos of them with their shirts off you would have noticed that you don’t get muscles like that by just doing Judo.

Boxing Vs Muay Thai Base for Mixed Martial Arts? Even Karate!

I watched a Mixed Martial Arts Event recently where competitors from local gyms in my area were matched up. One fight that got fight of the night really impressed me and it got me to ponder this question above. When two guys fight and one favors muay thai while the other goes for a more traditional boxers style with some kicks, which translates better into a Mixed Martial Arts Match.

Aikido, the Art of O Sensei, and the Art of Crowd Walking

O Sensei mastered the martial arts, and this extended to the art of crowd walking. Read of this ability here, and of the author’s own forays into this ability.

The Importance of Grip Fighting in Judo Competition

Grip fighting is one of the most neglected techniques studied all around the world. If you have ever competed at a club, state or international level, you would have noticed that an important part of competition in Judo is gripping and gripping strategy.

Different Types of Uchikomi Practice and Why You Should Do Them All

There are many different types of uchikomi practice that you can perform at judo training. The type of uchikomi you do will depend on what your goals are. Below is a detailed description of each style of uchikomi and the reason why you would perform that particular style.

Benefits of Martial Arts: Begin An Improved Lifestyle

This article demonstrates how martial arts can improve your life mentally and physically through exercise and discipline. In addition, you also reap the benefits of learning self defense techniques.

Striking Vs Grappling! Which Is More Effective? (MMA)

Striking vs Grappling, Today… It doesn’t really matter anymore because of the tremendous growth of MMA and the dedication of its practitioners. Today, it’s more about who’s strengths can override and exploit the other person’s weakness. But, there are still many who lean towards one style over the other. So, What is most effective: A stronger Striking base or a stronger grappling base?

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