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Key Attributes of Karate That Benefit the Athletes Engaged in Popular Organized Sports

From the time young boys and girls have reached the age of six, seven or eight it is likely they will have become engaged in some form of organized sports. But before long, and often before the parents are even aware, several years have passed and some of these children play in hope of university scholarship. How does karate benefit these young athletes?

The Three Benefits of Martial Arts

With chivalry dead and more and more violence erupting within everyone’s neighborhoods. Learning a martial art can give you not only the ability to defend yourself. But also the confidence to walk around with out fear of harassment.

Is Mixed Martial Arts Safe For Your Child And The Myth Behind It

When it comes to MMA and children the two words together are quite controversial in society these days. Being a parent we know that it is our job to make sure that our children are safe in everything they do. There are many risks involved in everything they do and as with any active contact sport such as football, baseball, basketball and yes even cheerleading.

Gaining A True Disciple: Differences in Attitudes of Pure Martial Artist Vs Pretenders

Have you ever heard the phrase “The truth shall set you free?” This phrase is often the subject of Christian ideology, however, not seen in the martial arts world today.

Bruce Lee: Movie High Kicking Vs Real Self Defense Low Kicking

Bruce Lee is considered one of the greatest martial artists of our time. With using movies to express the feelings for many of the martial arts, Lee converted an entire world to the conclusion that martial arts needed a touch of sublime evolution.

How to Choose a Martial Arts School, What Matters? Part II

Personally, I like the clean, open and well-lit type of location. And, if the rent were reasonable, I would (and have) gladly choose to locate my school in such a place. However, when starting a new school that is not always what is available.

How to Choose a Martial Arts School, What Matters? Part I

When looking for a martial arts school there a several things to consider: Is the location important to you? How much are you willing to pay for training? Are you looking for a competitive art or a more traditional art?

About Mixed Martial Arts

Today’s Mixed Martial Arts can be traced back to the ancient sport of Pankration, This was on an Olympic level in it’s time. It is a full contact combat sport that consists of four martial arts, boxing and kickboxing, it allows grappling, striking, and a ground technique called ground and pound. The combat sport of Vale Tudo was

How to Choose a Martial Arts Instructor

Choosing an instructor in the martial arts is highly subjective and can be very difficult. To a large extent the martial arts are personality-driven. That is, people will study under a teacher who represents what that person thinks is the highest expression of his idealized idea of the martial arts.

How to Begin a Martial Arts Career

Have you ever considered the possibility of getting up at the crack of noon, having a leisurely breakfast and spending the day as you wish? Spending time with your family, going shopping or to the beach?

The Best Place To Practice Tai Chi

There is lots of advice about where to best practice tai chi. The advice ranges from the simplest requirements to the most entailed. These options will be reviewed and suggestions given.

MMA Training Gloves For The Most Safety And Comfort

The article talks about the importance of a MMA training glove in the sport. It also states the different things that should be taken into consideration while purchasing one.

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