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Choosing A Martial Art That Can Keep You Out Of Jail!

If you like jail then this article is not for you! However if you do want to learn how to become a skilled fighter, an expert at effective self-defense or learn how to get out of a bar fight without losing face and without going to jail, then keep reading..

The Practical Self Defense Techniques in Silat Training System

Silat is one of the unique martial arts in this world that can become deadly in close combat fight. It is also known as the most practical self defense in term of counter attack strikes. The ability of silat exponent to counter attack the opponent to several killer points using simple strike such as straight punch amazed a lot of martial artists.

Three Insider Secrets to Be Successful Silat Guru!

There are many silat students that dreams to be a successful silat exponent. But not everybody can be successful because not many peoples have time to invest in the training. To master the silat syllabus is not an easy job. It takes hours of training either in formal or non-formal silat session. You are also need to compete in various level of silat competition to test your silat skills. Not many silat exponents can reach the higher level of competing at the international level. The same way happens to be a successful silat guru.

Three Fighting Secrets To Topple Down Your Opponent Easily In Silat Olahraga Match

Silat Olahraga is a famous silat competition in silat sports. It is a combative style that required you to fight your opponent based on the weight category. The winner is the one that scored the highest marks from the other opponent. The point based system is used on the successful hit to opponent body. One point will be given to you if you punch the opponent to the abdomen area. While, the successful kick to the opponent body will reward you two points in scoring mark. However, the most critical point that usually determines your win and loses is the three points score. You need to topple down the opponent with catching, sweeping, punching or kicking techniques to bring the opponent down during the bout.

How a Bjj Gi Is Made

As an enthusiast of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu you would be interested to know how a Bjj Gi is made. It would be an added advantage for you if you know the composition of your Bjj Kimonos. You know that your Jiu Jitsu Gi comprises of the top or the jacket and the pants. Both of them are made of cotton. Cotton is the fabric material used in the making of Brazilian jiu jitsu Gi. This is because cotton would allow air to pass quite easily. You would feel comfortable inside your Jiu Jitsu Gi if it is made of cotton.

BJJ Belts Ranking for Kids and Adults

It would be important to know about BJJ Belts ranking system for kids and adults so that they can do their best to earn the respective belts in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. It is interesting to note that Jiu Jitsu schools award different kinds of BJJ Belts to kids at different levels of their learning the martial art of Jiu Jitsu. It is with a view to keep the kids involved in the art that they implement the belt ranking system in their schools. It is quite natural for the kids to get bored if no encouragement is given to them while they are progressing in BJJ. Presently there are four kinds of Jiu Jitsu Belts that are awarded to the kids at various levels of learning. They are white, yellow, orange and green belts. Parents should know that the kids belt system is applicable till the boy or girl reaches the age of 16 years. Once the boy attains the age of 16 years he is eligible to compete in the adult belt system.

Benefits of Training With a Bjj Gi

You would be glad to know that your instructor has approved your application after you have applied for a training camp in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu jitsu. It would be advisable for you to attend your training sessions in the camp with your Bjj Gi on. It would always be nice and beneficial for you to sport in your Jiu Jitsu Gi while training.

Counter Attack – The Best Female Self Defense Technique In Silat

Silat is one of the best martial arts in Asia. It is the official self defense in Malaysia. Many international martial artists visit Malaysia to learn and master this unique martial art either using the traditional or upgraded system. Silat also is known as the best female self defense system in martial arts. Many peoples learn Silat to protect themselves against villains. Thus, it is important for female silat exponents to know their strength and weakness during silat training to determine the best technique that suite them particularly, in emergency situation.

Self Defense Moves – What Is Tempur Silat?

Many people love to watch advance self defense moves either in the movie or in martial art competition. Every martial art has it owns identity and philosophy. For example, taekwondo emphasize more on fast kicks of speed in any combat situation.

Fitness Five Will Get Your Heart Pumping While You Learn Karate Online

Everyone knows that five minutes of fitness just isn’t enough for a cardio workout or sufficient to learn karate online, so what exactly is the purpose? Most people don’t like to agree to a 30 minute exercise routine when they are relaxing at their computer, but five minutes, what’s the harm? The logic behind it is five minutes is nothing, that is definitely too simple!

Self Defense Moves – What Is Tapak Silat?

Silat is a unique martial art. The self defense moves in silat are different than any other martial art in this world. It is one of the best martial art in Asia that attracts many martial artists to learn it.

Build Strength and Conditioning With These 5 Moves For MMA Fighters

Too many MMA fighters out there are training with light weights and low reps in hope they will improve their overall strength conditioning. This is wrong and I’m going to talk about what is right. Instead, fighters should focus on using heavier weights and do conditioning separate from their strength training sessions.

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