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Encourage Holistic Development in Your Children Through Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts classes have substantially increased in popularity amongst children due to the holistic benefits that they offer to today’s children. Classes like taekwondo, karate and judo help kids to effectively ingrain the values of discipline, peaceful living and integrity which in turn develop them into sound and wholesome personalities.

Martial Arts 101: Which ‘Karate’ Is Best for You and Your Children?

Ever wondered what the difference was between karate and tae kwon do, or kung fu and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)? Looking to start a great new hobby and want the inside scoop? Which School is best for you and your family? Read on for the concise 411.

Less Than Lethal Techniques

After a long day of work you stop by the store to pick up some groceries before heading home. You’re tired and are looking forward to relaxing with your feet up for a little while and going to the store is just about the last thing that you want to do. However, you do need groceries so you stop and pick up the necessary items.

How To Hit Someone Before They Can Move

In this article the author describes how a martial artist can use the limitations of the human eye against it to get the first strike in during a self-defense situation. This information is very useful in all aspect of both martial arts and self-defense.

The Various Nuances of Earning a Black Belt in Taekwondo

Earning a black belt in taekwondo is the mark of receiving the highest honor in this traditional and highly respected martial art form. While graduating into the level of a proficient black belt holder is certainly not easy it is very much possible through the unbeatable combination of personal strength, dedication and whole hearted commitment.

Is It True That Most Fights End Up on the Ground?

In this article the author discusses the validity of the statistic that “95% of fights go to the ground.” He reveals where that statistic came from and if there is any truth to it.

How To Read Your Attacker or Opponent

In this article the author discusses method to read your attacker’s or opponent’s body language to predict and stay ahead of his attack. This is a useful skill for both classroom sparring and self-defense alike.

Romantic Martial Arts

In this article the author discusses the difference between the reality of a violent encounter and the sports of boxing, kickboxing, and wrestleboxing (“ultimate fighting”). He discusses how these sport have negatively affected both the martial arts and self-defense world by giving people an unrealistic view of a violent encounter.

Where Does A Martial Artist Get His Power From?

In this article the author looks how a martial artist generates power. He discusses the four main sources of power, goes over their pros and cons, and at what stage in training they are usually learned.

The Art of Using the Fist

In this article the author goes over how to throw a punch and how to use a fist. He goes over different ways to punch and discusses their pros and cons.

Are Martial Art Techniques Too Dangerous To Spar With?

I often get asked by other people who study martial arts if my school, style, etc. spars full contact. When I tell them “no” they often get concerned telling me that full contact sparring is the only way to make sure our techniques “work”.

How To Escape The Guillotine Choke

The guillotine choke is one of the most common submission holds in MMA. This technique is very simple to apply and therefore, many MMA fighters who are well versed in ground fighting martial arts will always try to apply it. The guillotine choke is a choking method that is applied from the front side of an opponent. The choke is applied using the arms to crack the opponent’s neck by trapping in a circular hold.

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