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Martial Arts Gym – How to Set Up Your Own Gym at Home

Creating your own training space at home is easier than you think. Read this article for great tips and advice on just how to do this.

Does Your Sensei Inspire You?

The role of a coach can be to count your kicks, and punches, but a true Sensei will inspire you in all areas of your life. Read this article to learn a few examples of the qualities that an excellent Sensei can possess.

The Great Shift Towards Becoming an Accomplished Martial Artist

Borrowing from the wisdom of Bruce Lee once again, we discuss the idea of simplification. When your training focus narrows, and you simplify the approach, progress can unfold more rapidly. This article focuses on one aspect.

How Do You Value Your Martial Arts Instructor?

Lessons can be learned about the martial arts from many sources. Never turn down an opportunity to learn a valuable lesson. This article reveals a misguided thought process.

So You Think You Know All About Self-Defense

You can defend against a kick, a punch, and even some takedowns, great. Unless you have prepared for some of the scenarios in this article however, you can’t really say you are good at self-defense. Read this article to shore-up any weakness in your personal protection plan.

The Meaning of The Martial Master

There are different types of “masters” out there. This article discusses two kinds, and the traits of each.

The Development of a Code to Live by

The modern samurai’s code of conduct is not always easy to follow, but it gets easier once established. This articles deals with the development of you own martial code to live by.

Walking The Path of The Modern Samurai

Many people have beliefs about the samurai as beings of mystical power. The fact is they were born just like anyone else, but they adopted a code. A set of rules to live by. This samurai code enabled them to achieve some very extraordinary things during their time. Read on to discover how you can benefit from the wisdom of the samurai.

Are You Fearless in The Face of Your Most Dangerous Enemy?

Many people on the path towards achieving black belt falter. Don’t let this happen to you. Learn from a Sensei who has attained black belts in 3 different styles of martial arts. Read this helpful advice now.

How Do You Break Boards Using Karate?

Breaking boards is a long-held traditional technique used in competition, demonstration, and testing of martial arts students. It refers to the practice of using a striking surface on the body such as hands, elbows, or feet to break one or more objects using skills honed in the practice of karate or another martial art. Most commonly martial artists will break boards of wood but occasionally bricks or cinder blocks may also be used.

Learn How Karate Can Become A Family Affair

Over the past few decades, more and more families have been embracing karate, after realizing its enormous benefits. The fact that karate has no age restrictions, has attracted people of all age groups, from the youngest to the eldest in the family. As a result, this has brought fun and joy to all the family members, strengthened their relationship and significantly improved their lives in general.

A Slight Turn Could Save Your Life

In this article the author looks at awareness skills. He examines the awareness mindset and goes over four simple awareness skills that are practical, simple, effective, and can be fun. Awareness training is a great to learn and it is a habit that can save your life.

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