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Wing Chun – Don Your Kung Fu One Leg at a Time

Many martial arts enthusiasts consider themselves to practice a “style” of fighting. There’s this style of fighting, and that style of fighting. If we accept that they really are “styles,” we also have to understand that styles go out of fashion.

UFC 151 Preview – Jon Jones VS Dan Henderson

UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones is feeling lonely in his class. He has beaten every single contender the UFC could offer. Except one: Dan Henderson. Will Jones be able to defeat Henderson and cement his legacy as the greatest UFC Light Heavyweight champion of all time or will veteran Henderson manage to relive his glory days by winning the title he was so close to win in 2008?

How To Become A Mixed Martial Arts Practitioner

Mixed martial arts have been gaining more and more popularity since its introduction to the mainstream sports fans at the first Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) in the early 1990s. Nowadays, more and more shows in televisions feature mixed martial arts ranging from reality shows to regular pay per view events. How to become a good mixed martial arts practitioner? Read on to find out more.

The Positive Influences on Your Child Through the Right Taekwondo School

The right kind of Taekwondo School has been known to bring about a large number of positive changes in children and young adults. Some of the ways through which the martial art form of Taekwondo influences children are through positive behavioral development, better concentration and mental sharpness.

Factors That Build Confidence for Kids

The confidence is usually built up quite early in life and every parent must make the effort to build up the levels of confidence for kids. This helps the child to grow up into a well mannered, well spoken and highly confident individual.

3 Tips for Improving Your MMA Training

Don’t neglect your strength and conditioning training. Your MMA training on its own will get do wonders for your fitness, but if you supplement your training with strength and conditioning(S&C), you will reap the benefits in the long term. Many MMA gyms will be well equipped for S&C training and may even have conditioning sessions as part of their timetable, but if not make sure you find time to work on your strength and conditioning.

How to Make Family Fitness a Fun Regimen?

Fitness plays a very important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. If you want to live a long, disease free life make sure you are fit and healthy.

The Most Suitable Forms of Women Self Defense Classes

Women self defense classes is a very essential part of empowering today’s women towards a more secure and safe living environment. The three most suitable martial art forms that can be learnt through women’s self defense classes include Taekowndo, Aikido and Krav Maga as they are very effective while being practical and flexible in intensity.

Wing Chun Front Kick – Uses and Execution

If you had no training, and knew you were getting in a fight this afternoon, this is the one technique you should learn. Despite the common misconception that Wing Chun has no kicks, there are several to choose from in the system, and the front kick is simple to learn, effective, and can be used to attack and defend. Anatomy of the Kick The most basic kick in Wing Chun is the front kick.

MMA Training – How to Put on Bulk But Keep Your Speed

You’ve seen him at the gym; the guy with perfectly sculpted muscles that look intimidating until he tries to grab something off the top shelf. When building muscle, it is easy to develop bulk at the expense of speed and agility. This is counterproductive behavior for anyone training in MMA where speed and agility are your best allies.

How Do Self Defense Classes For Women Help?

Taking up Self defense classes for women, will not only provide protection physically, but also boost up your personality. It is helpful for women who live in countries where women are not considered to be safe and this is one way to fight out the terror that hovers over women.

Fighting Technique – The Most Effective Places to Punch Someone

Getting hit anywhere is an unpleasant experience, but there are places that hurt more than others. Lay a solid strike on the right target during your fight, and it could be over in a single punch. Stick with me as I cover the best places to aim for.

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