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Basics of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) has been adapted from the Japanese Jujutsu- which means ‘way of yielding’. The primary teachings of this art form comprise of self defense lessons, and ways to make your opponent fully surrender. While this martial art form can be immensely useful in dangerous or threatening situations, there are certain rules and basics that aspiring students must be aware of. Techniques like punching, kicking or striking should be avoided in any Brazilian Jiu Jitsu matches. The aim of BJJ is to overcome your opponent by a combination of the correct position and submission holds.

Self Defense Training for Overall Growth and Development

The growing crime against women has increased the awareness of self defense training. Such type of training not only empowers an individual towards self safety but also helps in the overall personality building of the individual.

Choosing a Karate Uniform

If you are going to be doing karate for a long time, a good quality Gi is a good investment. However how do you define good quality? There are a surprising number of variables when choosing a karate uniform which can affect whether if it right for you. Most of them the average person probably won’t think twice about…

Cross Training for the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Artist

This article addresses the critical need for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Artists to cross train in another Martial Art, preferably a striking art. It explains why complementing your training with another martial art can be extremely beneficial!

MMA Stretches

By performing regular MMA stretches you will drastically increase your performance levels. Find out the reasons why every martial artist should try to increase their flexibility.

Flexibility For Martial Arts

The more flexibility you have the better you’ll be able to perform certain moves. Find out how having increased flexibility will help your martial arts technique.

Martial Arts Training Plateaus

No matter what skill level you’re at in martial arts, you can hit a point where it seems like your training is going nowhere and the improvements are few and far between. The efficiency of your body to adapt to the regular training methods is to blame for the plateaus that happen.

MMA Stretching

If you want to become a well rounded fighter you should increase your flexibility. Find out what MMA stretching techniques are required in order to help your fighting.

The 10 Most Pedigree BBJ Competitors in MMA

An article focusing on the current top Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) practitioners in the world. With the growth of mixed martial arts this article takes a look some of the best fighters that compete using the specific skills and techniques found in the art of BJJ.

MMA Flexibility

Increasing flexibility is an essential aspect of training for any MMA fighter. Find how to improve your fighting game through stretching.

5 Reasons Why I Like Striking

Why do I like striking? 1. All MMA fights start standing up. I know by now everyone has heard the saying “that 90% of all fights go to the ground” and its true that a truly determined fighter may eventually land the takedown. But knowing that fights go to the ground doesn’t mean we have to master ground fighting, it means we need to learn how to stop takedowns and get back to our feet quickly.

The Importance Of “Why” In Martial Arts Instruction

As I start to think about what kind of martial arts instructor I would be, I think about what my students need to know. For a technique to be truly effective, knowing “what” to do is not nearly enough…a student has to know “why”.

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