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Mauy Thai Fights For Beginners

While it is possible for a person to go over to Thailand to learn how to fight Mauy Thai, there are many teachers and coaches that have moved from there to other parts of the world such as the United States and Russia. These new training places have teachers that are qualified to teach the sport to anyone that is interested in learning how to fight and or defend themselves.

Here’s The Straight Goods On Fahjing Power

An interesting anecdote by a Karate Master, which results in real Fahjing Power. Based on the Moving Zen book.

3 Popular Workouts MMA Fighters Should Avoid at All Costs

MMA is considered one of the hardest sports to train for, but not all popular workouts are sufficient for fighters. Anything from poor mechanics to serious injuries can occur from pointless workouts, and here are three that all MMA fighters should avoid at all costs.

Martial Arts Training – Discover My Top 3 Ways To Develop The Right Attitude For Your Training

Martial arts differ greatly from many other sports in the fact that it is more about attitude than aptitude. It doesn’t matter if you have a physique like Brad Pitt, if you do not have the right attitude going into it you will find it hard to succeed. So how do get the right attitude then?

Wing Chun Dummy – Top 3 Reasons Why You Need One

Practice Wing Chun? Then you must know the top 3 reasons why having a Wing Chun dummy will be beneficial for your growth in Wing Chun!

The Truth About Kung Fu Fighting With Bruce Lee!

Here’s the truth about Bruce Lee’s real art. Lists the actual ‘duels’ he fought during his lifetime. Answers the question of how good he really was.

Martial Arts Injuries – How To Best Prevent Injury From Your Training

Many people think of martial arts of being extremely dangerous. They seem to think that it is full of people who go around doing uppercuts and round-house kicks at people heads for fun. This is so far from the truth, in fact martial artist are some of the most peace friendly people out there.

Martial Arts Injuries – Discover The Top 3 Ways To Reduce The Risk Of Injury

If you are a martial artist then you will know that you can suffer injuries as easily as any other sport. Common injuries include hyperextension injuries, dislocation injuries, broken bones, strains, sprains, cuts and bruises. But in many cases these injuries can be prevented by taking certain steps each time you are going to train.

Karate and Self Defense

Does karate help for self defense? Here is a brief discussion.

Top 10 Aikido Techniques

Aikido is derived from three Japanese words. Ai, to join, Ki means spirit, and Do means ways. Generally, aikido is a form of art that fuses the body, spirit and mind in order to find peaceful ways of overcoming challenges in life.

History of Capoeira

During the slave trade, slaves were brought from Africa to Brazil to labor in the sugar and tobacco plantations. The slaves were distributed in the three main ports of Bahia, Recife and Rio de Janeiro. Once reality of their condition had dawned on them, many slaves ran away.

MMA – 5 Things to Remember When Training

Mixed Martial Arts is not all about wildly throwing punches and kicks or lifting weights like crazy. In fact, if you trace back the origin of MMA, it evolved from the traditional martial arts. There are some concepts that successful martial artists know that helps them to be on top of their game.

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