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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gear For Your Next Tournament

With its roots in the Japanese martial art of Kodokan judo, Brazilian Jui Jitsu is both a self defense art and combat sport. Developed for ground fighting, the practitioner wears Brazilian Jiu Jitsu gear which consists of a kimono or Gi and a belt in the color of their ranking. This sport teaches that with the techniques learned and by using leverage anyone can protect themselves against any sized opponent.

How To Fight For Your Life

I just finished reading “How To Fight For Your Life: Enhanced Reality-Based Close Combat Training For Self Defense And Street Survival” by John Perkins, Al Ridenhour, and Matt Kovsky. It is a good basic addition to a person’s self-defense library. The book explains Perkins’ Guided Chaos Combatives, or GCC for short. Guided Chaos is the esoteric self-defense system that is written about in the book “Attack Proof” by the same authors. The Guided Chaos Combatives that this book focuses on are the first part of the larger system. These are the simple, basic techniques from the World War Two era that were originally designed to teach the troops quickly.

Fights Are Not Self-Defense

I often hear people saying, “it was self-defense,” when it was nothing of the sort. When I was working in the City Attorney’s Office, I prosecuted a guy for assault who plead self-defense, when it wasn’t. He lost and was found guilty. The fact is, many incidents, such as bar fights and “let’s take it outside” fights are just that, fights. They do not have elements of self-defense at all, and in a court room, that is how it will play out.

MMA – 3 Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Career

As a mixed martial artist, you need to keep a balance between your training and your health. Too much of rest is equally dangerous to too much of workout when it comes to mixed martial arts. In this article we will discuss about three common mistakes made by beginners who want to participate in tournaments.

The Japanese Katana Versus The Chinese Jian – Which Would Win The Fight?

A brave Samurai vs a crafty Chinese noble. It makes for an interesting contest.

Tests of Strength

What is Karate? Tests of strength- these are at the heart of the meaning of karate- and the way of budo.

The Fighter’s Career Path

This article aims on helping identify one’s personal preference if he or she is ever interested in martial arts as a career or lifestyle. One’s personal preference does not always become the final arbiter in the selection. More often than not, it requires objective counsel.

Krav Maga: An Effective Technique of Self Defense

When we talk of self defense, the first thing that comes to mind is boxing and kick fighting. Moreover, our idea of them is formed mainly from what we see in action channels and movies.

Self Defense Drills In Martial Arts Training

How can you safely attempt to simulate the reality of self defense in a drill in a martial arts or other school environment? We have been experimenting with a type of drill for a while and it absolutely works. I am sure that many of the more ‘real world’ based schools practice some form of this but most of the traditional ones do not seem to think this way. Be aware that only your more advanced students with good control should get involved in this type of drill…

UFC 123 The Aftermath – Post Fight Analysis

UFC 123 provided for an extremely entertaining fight card. The main card featured UFC legend Matt Hughes vs. former lightweight champion B.J. Penn as the co-main event and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson vs. Lyoto Machida. The event drew 16,404 people to The Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit. So after UFC 123, what is next for many of these UFC fighters? Many questions arise from Matt Hughes getting knocked out to the controversial decision given to Rampage Jackson.

MMA – 3 Techniques to Protect Yourself During Combat and Street Fights

When it comes to mixed martial arts, defending yourself is equally important as attacking the opponent. In this article, you are about to learn three self-defense techniques to help you protect yourself from the opponent. Specifically, you will learn how to take a punch, avoid a punch and escape a head grab.

Highlights of Bruce Lee’s Fighting System

Bruce Lee has inspired millions of people to learn martial arts by displaying his fighting prowess. What made Bruce Lee unique was that he did not see martial arts as a bunch of techniques.

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