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Will MMA Ever Be Legal in New York?

Even with the success of MMA over the past five years, it still has not claimed the reputation it rightfully deserves.  While millions of fans cannot hardly wait until the few weeks finally end in between UFC and Strikeforce cards, there are still many cities and states in the US that have yet to jump on the MMA wagon.  Many feel it is unsafe, and even not regulated properly.

Kung Fu Qi Power and How To Acquire It!

‘What is Kung Fu Qi-Power?’ ‘ How does it work?’ and ‘How can it be readily obtained?’ This article provides straightforward answers to these questions plus practical guidance for those wishing to learn more or start practicing the classic routines, drills and methods enabling Qi-Power acquisition.

Advanced Ninjutsu Training – Mastering Ninpo-Taijutsu Requires Mastering This Ninja Walking Skill

Are you serious about mastering the Ninja’s self-defense system of Ninpo-Taijutsu (aka Budo-Taijutsu)? If you are, then this article may be just what the Ninja master ordered. Because, I’m going to share with you a special walking method that, according to Soke Masaaki Hatsumi, grandmaster of the last remaining ninja schools in the world, is one of the two critical skills that you absolutely “must” be proficient in, if you are going to become a master of taijutsu. After reading this article, don’t forget to go get the special video lesson that I refer to, that will teach you what most students don’t know about this skill!

Are You The Victim of Delusional Thinking When It Comes To Surviving a Self-Defense Situation?

Many students who are engaged in martial arts or self defense programs believe that their training will make them invincible or untouchable in a real-world, self-defense encounter. They believe that all of their stances, cool karate moves, and fancy techniques will act like some kind of a force field, or impenetrable shield against the rage and damage that a committed attacker will actually throw at them. Well, some people believe in the Easter Bunny too! This article not only bursts this ridiculous “bubble,” but sets the record straight on what you “should” be focusing on when it comes to real-world, self-defense training!

Some Basic Information on Karate

Some basic information about karate and its benefits. Some advice on the correct forms of address.

Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos Announced As TUF 13 Coaches

Dana White announced today that Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos will be the coaches on this season (TUF 13) of The Ultimate Fighter. The two fighters will continue the tradition of concluding the season by facing each other in the Octagon. Only two things were assured by Dana’s announcement. The first is that there would be instant controversy amongst keyboard warriors everywhere on the blogosphere….

The Benefits of Kids Learning Karate

Martial arts are great physical activities for kids of all genders and ages. In addition to toning muscles and building strength with natural body weight, combat sports and martial arts teach children valuable skills that can be applied throughout life. Karate and martial arts are fun pastimes with a number of disciplines that suit many personalities.

Kickboxing And Its Basic Guidelines

If you are looking for a total body workout then try kickboxing. It is one of the best ways to increase your flexibility, stamina and strength. Due to its numerous benefits, youngsters from all over US, including those residing in cities like West Chester (Pa) and Springfield (Pa) have started training in this wonderful form of martial art.

Learn The Different Types Of Stretching Taught In Martial Arts Classes

Martial arts, in its broadest sense refer to any form of combat technique, often referring to foot and hand combat. The search for enlightenment and mental discipline is also a part of many types of martial arts.

3 Spheres Of Traditional Martial Arts

This article seeks to emphasize the three important areas which traditional martial arts always cultivate. All martial artists should remember that there’s more to their discipline than hurting one’s opponent and dominating them. It says a lot about conquering one’s self, dominating one’s own weaknesses and fears.

The Benefit of Karate for Kids

One of the most time-honored methods for achieving fitness and focus as well as courage, confidence and stronger will is karate classes in Daphne, AL.  There are far too many parents who perceive karate and other martial arts to be a means toward promoting violence but this simply isn’t true.  Martial arts do not promote violence.

Learn the Strength of Willow Trees

It is the middle of January, now. It is getting to have some warm days that make us feel that spring is no longer far out. There are trees starting to grow buds. There are no leaves, yet. One can see lots of leaf buds on branch tops. Soon we will see some colorful lines on the small buds, which will eventually bloom into beautiful flowers. Trees will grow and regain young leaves.

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