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Online Ninja Training Lesson: Learning to Walk Before You Can Run, Punch, Kick, or Throw in Ninjutsu

This is another article in a series specifically written for those new to the Ninja’s armed and armed combat system, known as ninpo-taijutsu (“the Ninja’s body-art”). It is also for those who have been training but, for whatever reason, were not exposed to these crucial lessons early on in their training. The focus of this article is on correct walking and use of the feet and legs which, are the central focal point of solid, powerful, effective ninja self-defense movement. Because, unlike more conventional martial arts that move from the top-down, and only see the legs as kicking weapons, for the Ninja, their legs and ability to walk correctly are the keys to doing the amazing things that they do.

Learn Ninjutsu: A Secret to Shocking Strikes, Slamming Kicks, and Powerful Throws in Ninpo-Taijutsu

Are you looking to learn ninjutsu – the powerful, secret self-protection and personal development methods of Japan’s ancient Ninja families. Do you want to develop punches, kicks, throws, and other techniques that are more powerful than you can imagine – that can bring down attackers who are bigger, stronger, and even more skilled than you are? Well, you’re about to learn one of the core principles that will not only allow you to do this, but will also allow you to develop the kind of quick, agile, and flowing ability to be able to evade and counter the same kinds of attacks from and attacker!

Do You Really Want to Learn Ninjutsu? Beginner Level Lessons in the Ninja’s Art of Ninpo-Taijutsu

Learning ninjutsu, just like anything else, can be a daunting task. Especially if you have no idea about where to start, or what to do next. Couple this with the way that ninpo-taijutsu is often taught, and you have the makings of confusion, indecision, and ultimately…frustration. If you are trying to learn ninjutsu and you know that you could really benefit from a curriculum outline, then this article could just be what the Ninja Master ordered!

Proven Strategies for Making Your Taekwondo Training More Effective

It’s a well known fact that often students of comparable talent and skill are differentiated by their training. Some students push themselves to extremes during training or stretch the training too much. This overzealous attitude towards training is usually something that brings out negative results.

The Biggest MMA Training Secret and Tactic Can Now Be Used By Anyone!

Living and training at high altitudes has been a huge secret to their success for many elite level athletes for years.Β  Many have considered this their ‘secret sauce’, but now this secret is out and everyone knows how beneficial high altitude training can be.

Martial Arts – Pressure Points on the Body

Just knowing where the points are located does not mean you can use them in a fight. Points must be struck at the proper angle and direction and at the proper depth in order for them to be truly effective.

How Do the Fans Feel About Brock and Junior As the Next Ultimate Fighter Coaches?

Over the past few weeks UFC fans have been going back and fourth with the coaching rumors as to who will actually be the chosen two for this upcoming season of the Spike television series, The Ultimate Fighter. The gossip began with Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva or Shogun Rua as possible coaches. With Silva’s lack of interest in speaking English, that probably would’ve been less than eventful to watch week after week.

Toney Rumors Out, Rampage Vs Thiago Silva Set for UFC 130

One characteristic that Quinton “Rampage” Jackson is a master at is talking trash.Β  His rather comical ability to not only get into the head of his next opponent, but to make some very entertaining UFC countdown shows is why he is so popular.Β  In great Rampage tradition, over the past few weeks he has been diluting the rumors and trash talk coming from one boxer tried MMA fighter, James Toney.

Eddie Bravo DVD

Eddie bravo is a world famous jiu jitsu fighter staying in the US. He is popular for his wrestling and also as a fantastic teacher of his craft.

Is Jiu Jitsu The Best Martial Art For Kids?

All parents want to make sure that their children are safe at a very young age as they are away from the parent for most of the day. They want to make sure their kid never gets bullied at school so you may be thinking what would be the best martial art to put my kids in? Well the answer is put your kids in a Jiu Jitsu class!

Why Women Can Benefit From Taking Up Martial Arts Lessons

There is a need for women to learn self defense techniques that way they may be able to defend themselves from the plans of vicious criminals. Learning any form or style of martial arts will bring a lot of healthy benefits to the life of women. It is really helpful and an enjoying activity.

MMA Gears – Fight Wears and Fashion Wears

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is one of the many sports that involve physical fight or combat but this sport involves a full contact combat that allows a wide array of fighting techniques; that is, a mixture of martial arts and non-martial arts skills. The use of both striking as well as grappling is permitted by the rules of the sport.

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