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Taekwondo 101: Basics for Begnners: Starting With Stances: Front Stance

While articles are not a substitute for training with a teacher, here are some practice tips and reviews for the basics of a front stance in Taekwondo. Don’t forget that there are many flavors of martial arts: while we may do things one way, your teacher may have a different way. Follow your teacher’s instructions – but remember: while there are many paths to the top of the mountain, once you are there, the view is the same. See you on the mountain top!

How to Fight Vs Self Defense

Is learning how to fight the same as self defense? I would say no. Find out why here!

Which Martial Art for Your Children?

There are lots of different martial arts to choose from. When looking for martial arts for your children, you need to look for the most well rounded martial art.

Which Martial Art Is Best For You?

This is a very common question and all that really matters is that you find a martial art that you enjoy. Make sure you look for a style that interests you and you think could be fun.

The Difference Between MMA and Real Martial Arts

Like that Friday night smack down where the MMA fellows trash their opponents? Consider what they are really doing, then consider the benefits of real martial arts.

The Real Kung Fu of the Shaolin Temple

Want to learn shaolin Kung Fu at the temple? Here are some things you might consider before making the pilgrimage to the Shaolin Temple.

Respect: One Lesson Worth Teaching

It is most unfortunate, but American children rarely play sports or get enough exercise these days, due to modern technology. Video games, the Internet, text messages are all solitary stimuli. So – where does this leave the parent who sees their child failing to develop motor skills or lacking in interactive experiences and social skills?

Bullying Can Affect Your Whole Family – Talk to Your Child About Bullying

Bullying has become a serious problem and it doesn’t just affect kids – it can actually affect the entire family. If your child is being bullied, his or her actions will quickly have an impact on everyone within the home. Likewise, if your child is a bully, the actions they take can affect the whole family.

5 Exercises to Keep You Strong in The Judo Off Season

If you and your opponent are technically the same, and have the same experience level and tactics then the player who is fitter and stronger will win – it’s that simple. The Christmas and New Year period is always pretty busy and it is important keep up your strength and fitness or else your first training session back is going to hurt. Recently I spent 4 weeks over in Nepal and as soon as I got home on Christmas Eve I was thrown into the madness of visiting family, friends and grabbing some last minutes gifts – all that while suffering from food poisoning.

8 Things Teenage Judo Players Need to Know

As you get older and do more Judo you continually acquire more and more knowledge. I am a firm believer that the day you think you know it all in Judo is the day you should stop coming to Judo because you will have a negative attitude to training and this could affect the training sessions for other Judoka.

Forget the Master – Why Can’t I Learn Kung Fu From a DVD?

With so many books, DVDs, and YouTube videos available, what is the point of finding a teacher anymore? In fact, teachers, masters, mentors, and friends are essential to our progress in any worthwhile endeavor. They bring something to the table that no DVD ever could.

Learn How You Can Be Faster at Boxing

There is a misconception that administering heavy punches is the best boxing strategy. This is quite wrong because it would be pointless throwing extra powerful jabs at an opponent, while missing the target the entire time, just because the opponent is faster than you are.

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