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4 Self-Defense Strikes Everyone Should Learn

There are so many reasons as to why a person can decide to attack you. It could be that the time and place favors them and they feel they can take full advantage of the situation. Whereas some attacks may not always be aimed to hurt you or kill you, but maybe to just steal a few of your belongings, it can get ugly and it therefore helps to at least know how to defend yourself. There is really no reason why you should get sexually assaulted or even have your valuables taken from you when you could have done something to stop the attack.

How To Be A Bad Target To Reduce Attacks

Predators choose their targets very carefully. Usually their conception of risk and reward is what makes them decide whether to go ahead with an attack or not. Usually attackers go for easy targets that seem they will cooperate when cornered and yield the results that they expect. Whereas self-defense knowledge can help you outdo and opponent, you should remember that prevention of an attack is always the better way to go.

What Makes A Self-Defense Technique Effective Enough?

Self-defense moves are not all equal. The fact is that most actually can be dangerous, unrealistic and ineffective. If you are not careful, you could end up hurting yourself in the name of defending yourself. The last thing you want is to have a broken hand instead of a knocked out attacker simply because you did not select the best technique to tackle them.

Mixed Martial Arts: The Deadliest Sporting Event On Earth

Mixed martial arts are certainly the most amazing sporting event. The game is full of excitement, adventure, and thrill. The people love to watch the competitors, battling hard to win the game. The game involves tremendous physical agility. The athletes have to sweat a lot in order to win the game.

Best Training Tips And Techniques

With more people geared towards fitness, the introduction of exciting workouts with its basis in Mixed Martial Arts can produce exceptional results. MMA incorporates a series of moves that work the entire musculoskeletal structure from jabs and kicks to throws and holds. Learn how one of the most influential and oldest of sports can make a drastic difference to your daily health regime.

I Want to Train in MMA, But I Can’t Afford the Gym Membership

“I want to train, but I can’t afford the gym membership.” Well, then you don’t really want to train. So, how bout you shut it.

Understanding Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Learn the origin and philosophy behind Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Could BJJ be your next self defence system?

Why Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training Is A Popular Health Approach

Martial arts combat sports has received increased attention in terms of its applications in health and fitness. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu training involves a series of strength maneuvers, locking and wrestling actions against an opponent assisting in weight loss, flexibility, endurance and stamina. Learning about the benefits this approach to a workout can provide will assist in making informed and effective wellness decisions.

A Brief History of Traditional Kung Fu

In 520 AD (or thereabouts), an Indian monk named Bodhidharma introduced Zen Buddhism to China and made the Shaolin temple his home. There the monks and students would fall asleep during meditation and became emaciated during fasting. In order to change this, Bodhidharma instituted a program of 18 different exercises and breathing disciplines to develop their focus. In addition, because they were frequently the target of bandits, they also developed a fighting system using the long pole. This is the beginning of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Common Muay Thai Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Muay Thai is a great sport that not only helps you to be athletic, it also helps you learn how to protect yourself. The sport has also been shown to increase your self-confidence. For you to get the most from it, you need to train. Studies by experts show that plenty of people make plenty of mistakes that jeopardize their training success. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to go about it:

Some Martial Arts Use Kata

When learning about martial arts and self-defense, one of the first things you’re going to come across in your studies is kata. You can find this concept, which involves intricate, choreographed movements, either alone, or with another, in a variety of places. This Japanese word is used to describe theater forms and tea ceremonies.

Some Background on Goju-Ryu

The history alone of the Okinawa martial arts style known as Goju-ryu is fascinating. When you get further into the matter of this brand of self-defense, you’re going to discover several reasons that aptly explain why Goju-ryu is so utilized and well-respected.

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