Monster Energy Prelims | Bellator 249: Cyborg vs. Blencowe

Patterns of Violence – The Monkey Dance

Learning about the different patterns of violence that are known of and how to protect yourself from them. Having the knowledge will put you a step ahead of the game and exude confidence.

The Legalities of Self Defense

How to use good judgement when it comes to self defense. Remembering the importance of using the lowest level of impact possible to protect yourself.

Martial Arts – Is It Good for Kids?

As an instructor of kids I am asked this a lot. Is it good for kids and what benefits will they get from being in a Martial Arts class? I’ve been teaching kids for over 20 years so naturally I am going to say the benefits are huge. But kids get more out of a Martial Art class than just increased fitness and self defense skills.

Core Strengthening Exercises for Judo

Nearly all Judo throws require you to rotate in order to complete the technique. Therefore It is crucial that all Judokas have rotational strength to finish throws and drive through any resistance you may encounter from your opponents defense. This rotational strength can also be labelled as core strength.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – The Spectacular Health, Fitness and Self Defense Benefits

If you are enthusiastic about the processes and study of martial arts, it is possible you are aware of the art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a method of self-defense practice which requires knowledge on a range of movements not the same as other, better known types of martial arts. Just as with other varieties of martial arts, the student will benefit from having the capacity to effectively defend their self should they be challenged in a real world situation.

Common Weapons For Defense

This article identifies some common objects that most people carry that can be used in an emergency self defense situation. It also gives a good alternative for carrying a firearm.

Why A Good Karate Gi Is Needed And The Importance Of Caring For It

Karate is a martial art that requires self-discipline and pride, so the uniform a person wears can say a lot about their attitude to the art. So how does a person go about keeping their gi in tip-top condition?

Ninjutsu Training For Self-Defense: Samurai Sword Applications for Personal Defense

It is difficult to imagine how the way of the samurai sword might be an effective means of personal defense in the 21st century. After all, walking around with a samurai sword tied to your waist is liable to get you arrested in many countries – and drawing it might even get you shot! Despite this, studying how to correctly use a samurai sword is still a useful thing to do. This article will give you a few good reasons why.

MMA Training: The Whole Set Of Benefits You Should Know

The majority of us know that training in a martial art is great for the body but there are many more benefits than simply an improved fitness level. Training in a martial art requires mental strength in addition to physical strength, and attending lessons is a great means of meeting like-minded individuals who have similar goals just like you. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) teaches an individual a huge amount of different techniques from different aspects of martial arts which means that it will be constantly challenging, both mentally and physically.

How To Improve Your Core Strength for Better Striking Power in Martial Arts

You will improve your Punching Power by improving your skill and developing your core strength and power. This article deals with improving your core strength so the force you transmit from the ground upward goes through your core and is transmitted through to the punch without loss of power.

Krava Maga: The Ultimate Art Of Self Defense

To lead a safe life, you need not avoid danger altogether. It only means, being able to combat situations aptly, as and when you come across them. One of the best ways to combat such situations is, to learn Krava Maga, a self defense technique.

5 Self-Defense Facts Dojo Masters and Other Gurus Don’t Understand, and How This Can Get You Hurt

Knowing these five simple facts will change the way you look at self defense and dramatically increase your chances of escaping or prevailing in any violent conflict. If you have been studying a martial art for personal protection think twice. This article will show you how this may actually be hurting your chances of surviving a violent situation.

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