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Kung Fu: 5 Ancestors Fist

5 Ancestors Fist (Wu Tzu Quan) like Tai Jo Quan (Emperor Fist) is inspired by Zhao Kuang Yin, later Emperor Taizu (960-976) Founder of the Sung Dynasty, also recognised as Tai Jo (Supreme Founder) of Changquan ‘Longfist’ Kung Fu. Although 5 Ancestors Fist acknowledges Zhao Kuang Yin as inspiration behind its development, its origin is actually more recent.

Ice Bath Recovery for Judo

Cryotherapy is the method of using hot and cold stints under water (usually in a spa but can also be done in the shower.) Cryotherapy is a very popular use of recovery for athletes all over the world. What usually happens is the athlete hops in a warm spa 30-40 degrees for 10 minuets and then gets out and hops into a small but very deep pool called the plunge or dip pool, this pool is around 10-15 degrees. The athlete must submerge their whole body except for the head.

Self-Defense Programs for Women: Is Ninjutsu a Good Choice for Women’s Self-Defense?

In terms of women’s self-defense training for street altercations, most women have opted for a more situational self-defense training group option. The idea is that this environment allows women to approach an aggressor in class the same way they would if the attack were real. But, is this the best option if you’re looking for the best self-defense for women?

How to Promote Your Martial Arts Club

When you have your own martial arts club, you also need to have an online martial arts club. If you don’t have a presence online with martial arts, then you are already falling behind with your competition. Every serious business these days needs an online presence and that is one of the most powerful and effective ways to promote your martial arts club.

Indonesian Martial Arts and Pencak Silat

The indigenous styles of martial arts invented and used in Indonesia are mutually identified as pencak silat. Pencak silat is a fighting style which focuses on self-defense against a lot of opponents.

D-A-T: 3 Very Important Training Principles From Ninjutsu – The Ninja’s Self-Defense Method

If you were to look at the average run-of-the-mill martial arts school, you would most likely see adolescents (for the most part), standing in ranks, throwing punches and kicks into the air, maybe some light calisthenics, and if they are really lucky; sparring. In most ninjutsu dojo, things get a little different. This article covers 3 core concepts that new students are introduced to, and study to master, as they progress through their study and skill levels in modern ninjutsu.

Ninja Gear: What Did Ancient Ninja Wear?

What is Ninja gear? What did the Ninja of ancient Japan wear? You would be forgiven for thinking that Ninjas always dressed in black clothes and wore head masks with narrow eye-slits. After all, this is standard Ninja gear for any Ninja in the movies, right? If you really want to be able to think and act like a true Ninja – if you really want to understand how the shinobi warrior saw his tools – what we have come to know as “Ninja gear,” then you definitely need to read this article.

Fantasy Weapons, Are They for You?

Below we will discuss if fantasy weapons are for you. We will gauge the style of fantasy weapons versus a more traditional style weapons.

The Fighter Vs The Warrior

It’s the UFC age in the Martial Arts. It’s bringing unprecedented coverage of the Martial Arts. Good? Yes. Bad? Yes. Let’s take a look at why.

Bodyguard Training Course

A bodyguard (also known as Close protection officer), is normally a security operative or government agent who protects a person (usually a famous, wealthy or politically important figure) from assault, kidnapping, stalking, loss of confidential information, terrorist attacks and other threats. Most celebrities and important public figures like Governors and CEOs get protection from the team of bodyguards hired by an agency, security forces or police forces. And those having low important public figures are mostly accompanied by a single bodyguard who sometimes also act as drivers.

Will Krav Maga Work For You?

Krav Maga is a martial art people aren’t very familiar with and have plenty of questions to ask about. Read on to know what a globally famed Krav instructor has to say about some often asked questions regarding this martial technique.

Thinking About Muay Thai?

For even those who are already training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or other forms of mixed martial arts, Muay Thai may not be as familiar a term. If you’ve never even taken a BJJ or MMA class though, either, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be interested in learning about, and possibly training in Muay Thai. Muay Thai is a form of martial arts and can be a competition combat sport that originated in Thailand.

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