Persistent Pain

When an opponent attempts to harm you, every aspect of that encounter should inflict pain upon him. If your system or style of self defense does not subscribe to this mindset, read on to find out what you are missing.

You Act How You Train

You will react in a self-defense situation just how you have trained for it. So how do you train to ensure you handle yourself properly when the real deal aligns itself squarely at you? Read on to find out.

What To Expect When Beginning Karate

Karate is an extremely popular form of martial arts, practiced by many people all across the globe. This unique form of martial arts is one of the most accessible, because there are schools practically everywhere. Traditionally practiced in “dojos”, or Japanese training areas, Karate schools can be located and taught in many different environments such as offices, converted garages or backyards, or sometimes even basements.

Is Your Confidence Justified?

Confidence is a great by-product of developing martial ability. Confidence without the competence behind it can have some rather unpleasant consequences. Read on for the full story.

The Best Way to Attain Amazing Technique

Becoming great at the martial arts is not just about showing up, and putting in time. These are important yes, but excelling at the martial arts requires training with purpose. Read on to discover some excellent ways to improve your own technique rapidly.

The Critical Truth

What is the most important thing to possess in order to excel at self-defense? Read on to find out what it is, and why.

Who Threw The First Punch?

Most people believe that the person who throws the first punch in an altercation is the aggressor, the one at fault. This is not always the case. There exists times when it makes perfect sense to initiate you self-defense. Read on to find out more.

Now It’s My Turn

When an attacker strikes at you, this should be the last chance you give them for proactive action in the fight. Once it has become physical, you seize control and end the confrontation. This article looks at this very idea.

The Power of Calm

It is not always easy to remain calm under stressful situations, and physical confrontation is no exception. Read on to discover the importance of calmness during the storm of stress that can be present during a potential self-defense situation.

Self Defense, Not Self Defeat

The idea of how hard to hit an attacker is sometimes raised. How do you decide what is an appropriate response to the level of threat presented to you? Read on for your answer.

How to Achieve Mystical Martial Power

The more technology advances, the greater the level of understanding we have regarding our human potential. Learning to act instinctively is very possible, and this article explains what occurs when the proficient martial artist acts with “no – mind.”

What If You Did Nothing?

Making a decision to act while under the extreme stress of a violent confrontation can be very challenging. Read on to discover one strategy that will keep you out of trouble.

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