How to Solve Your Back Pain

Why Judo Techniques Should Be Used In MMA

MMA is ever evolving and learning new types of martial arts techniques is important to improve your game. Learning Judo techniques will help you dramatically improve your entire mixed martial arts game by having control of where the fight goes and having the surprise element of a toss or sweep that many martial artists aren’t sure how to defend.

Why Your Jiu Jitsu Gi Matters

The uniform worn to train in the martial art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu requires students of the sport to wear a Jiu Jitsu Gi. Just because it is traditional does not mean that it is outdated. In fact, the Jiu Jitsu Gi has many advantages for training in because of the superior techniques it will teach you vs. your opponent. Without training in a proper Bjj Gi you will never get the proper foundation down on the Bjj techniques. The importance of training with a Bjj Gi is far more then anyone can speak about and anyone who says otherwise is wrong.

Top Tips For Martial Art Fitness

If you’re a practicing martial artist who looking for a way to improve your martial art fitness and can’t get to the gym or dojo to do your training.What are you going to do? What tips are there for training for your martial art fitness that are effective and help you improve. Well read on, here’s some top tips to help with your martial arts fitness program.

Self Defence Tips for Men – Survive on The Streets

It’s a sad fact that most men will face a violent situation at some time in our lives and being prepared with some self defence tips and knowledge is an essential lifeskill. In this article I don’t propose to teach you how to throw a punch or deliver any fancy martial arts moves – I simply want to give you the self defence tips that you need for daily life. If you want to learn a martial art check out local classes in your area.

Karate Classes – Is It Like Someone Is Sticking Pins In Your Eyeballs?

I said to the karate kids, ‘What is the point of digging a hole that serves no purpose, only to immediately fill it back in and then repeat the process, over and over again?’ The answer ‘NO POINT’, came from one of the black belts. I said, ‘it depends who’s digging the hole!’

Introduction to Sparring – Kicking Techniques – The Power of the Extension

Your legs contain the biggest muscles in your body – so why aren’t your kicks powerful? Understand the need for correct sparring posture and body mechanics in order to make your kicks as powerful in the ring as they are perfect in your forms.

MMA Fitness – Cardio Program For Going The Distance

Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that combines skills from different styles of fighting into one discipline. Regardless of the length of the round you fight, to develop an effective cardio program for going the distance every time you step into the cage, it is vital to develop both aerobic and anaerobic fitness to maximise your performance. To develop your aerobic fitness levels, engage in regular running, swimming, cycling or rowing.

MMA Essential – 3 Tips to an Effective Warm Up

MMA fighters have an interesting challenge, they compete in a sport where they expose themselves to injury when they train to compete, then even more so when they are inside the cage. This is unique in combat sports and must be prepared for well, this is why it is essential to start off with an effective warm up. Here are three essential tips you must include when warming up:

What Everyone Ought To Know About Kids Martial Arts

Martial arts for kids is one of the best things you can sign your child up for. These days ADD is rampant because of the instant gratification society that we live in with the internet. Kids can change what they are watching faster than ever with a click of a button and there are so many children these days who are spending 90% of their time on the computer.

Introduction to Sparring: Kicking Techniques: Chambering Your Kicks

Taekwondo sparrers love their kicks – so how come they often don’t work? This article reviews the basics of a good chamber – the first component of any good kick, whether it’s in sparring or forms.

What Effect Does the Strike to Carotid Arteries Have

Carotid arteries are one of the most effective places on the human body for strikes and defense. Carotid arteries are also one of the many spots of the well known “death touch” or “Dim Mak” if you will. Learn what you can cause and what are the effects of the strikes aimed to carotid arteries.

3 Unique MMA Workout Tips

The recent explosion of mixed martial arts has motivated many people to take their new found interest in the sport to the next level. The majority of fight gyms offer classes in boxing, Muay Thai, Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling. What most of them do not address is the sport-specific unique strength and conditioning exercises.

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