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Does Martial Arts Promote Violence?

A great concern for a lot of parents is whether or not putting their child in martial arts will turn them into violent monsters, or give those already violent monsters some serious ammo for indiscriminate use. My parents were a part of the skeptical party and it took lots and lots of begging, pleading, and personal testimony from other parents to convince them that putting me in martial arts could be an uplifting, positive influence in my life.

Jeet Kune Do Fighting Tactics: Leading

Sparring can be seen as a sort of physical chess match wherein the stakes are a bit higher. If you mess up you get hit. This brings a much more exciting element to the game.

The Truth Behind Destroying an Opponent With Four Ounces Using Tai Chi Chuan

At first the author thought he had this old myth, destroying an opponent with just four ounces of force in tai chi churn, figured out. Then, years later, science proved a deeper truth.

Georges St Pierre Vs Anderson Silva: UFC Super-Fight?

Two fighters in mixed martial art’s premiere organization, UFC, are considered the best in the land. Will they face each other soon in what promoters would call a super-fight?

Shaolin 5 Elements, 5 Organ Qigong and The Microcosmic Cycle!

Qi obeys the mind and where the mind goes the Qi will follow. Thus some Kung Fu practitioners can direct Qi to various parts of their body, at will, for martial purposes. How about you? The requisite meditative mind-training (accompanying physical training, this is very straight-forward) is essential to make any progress! The most important and fundamental training exercise involves circulating Qi around the body’s interior and its 5 major internal organs.

Live Long With Shaolin Qigong: Qi Is Within Us All!

Internal Strength, combined power of the body’s internal organs and inner musculo-skeletal system (bigger and stronger than its external equivalent) can be astonishing when it bursts outward. Internal Kung Fu/Qigong is the way to train, develop and draw upon it.

Three Warnings For Anyone Considering Iron Palm Training

Iron palm training is one of the great skills of Chinese kung fu. It involves conditioning the hand so that one can deliver strong blows without pain or damage. Someone who is skilled in iron palm can strike something forcefully with their palm (for example, a stack of concrete blocks, or an opponent’s head) and the strike will not only do much more damage than a strike of an untrained individual, but it also won’t hurt the practitioner’s hand.

4 Giant Mistakes You Must Avoid While Learning MMA

In order to learn and pick them up as fast as you can you must not fall into the traps and pitfalls most beginners fall into. That is why we put together this article of the top 4 mistakes beginners make.

Judo Basics – Finger and Forearm Injury Prevention

Your fingers and forearms are so important for determining how much Judo you can do week in, week out. If you sustain an overuse or acute injury within the forearms muscles or fingers you can off the mat for quite sometime. It is very important that you include a few finger and forearm injury prevention strategies into you weekly schedule.

What Are The Benefits of Strength Training For Judo?

When people think of strength training they usually think of huge bodybuilders but in actual fact there are many other benefits for strength training besides getting big muscles. Increase strength Within the first 3 weeks of starting a gym program you will find that your strength will increase rather quickly and soon plateau. This is a normal response to starting an exercise program.

Top 5 Self Defense Targets: End Any Attack Using These Devastating Targets

These 5 targets are the key to ending any fight or self defense situation quickly and safely. Knowing the right targets is crucial to any self defense or fighting system.

Have You Considered Taking Kickboxing Classes?

Most forms of martial arts can be useful as a way to learn to defend yourself or as a way to stay in shape. Included in these martial arts is kickboxing.

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