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Gi Buying FAQ – Part 2

So, what’s with all of these types of diverse weaves? Single? Double?

Gi Buying FAQ – Part One

It looks like the very same issues often appear when individuals start Brazilian JiuJitsu… Lots of individuals inquire “Can I use any Judo/Tae Kwon Do/Karate Gi designed for BJJ?” Well, you could, however I highly instruct against it. To the untrained eyes…

Nature’s Fight or Flight Vs Krav Maga Stress Drills

Fight or flight is the natural response hardwired into all of us, like for animals we have this natural split second judgement that will decide what we will do next during an attack, the reaction will normally follow one of two paths, to fight or to run (flight). Of course fight means to confront, to attack, to stand up to the treat but flight does simply mean to run away, it means to not fight, to run (can be a good idea) but also to freeze, to not do anything, to panic, to cry, to comply with the…

Let’s Talk About Self Defense

It is important that you know all about self defense and how to utilize it when the need arises. A flying kick or a karate technique will stop an attacker in his tracks. There are several different types of self defense courses that you can take, and although some people have taken one course, many choose to learn more that one type of martial arts skill.

How to Master Real Martial Arts

In the world of martial arts, it’s not always the most talented who wins. No, not the fastest, strongest, most flexible, whichever natural quality – you name it – is not the essence for the great fighter. The essence lies inside, and I’ll explain you how to bring that power outside in practical terms – not in a new age sense.

The Secret To Excelling at MMA: It’s In the Shoes

In Martial Arts, it is vital to wear the correct type of clothing along with the correct accessories. With the proper uniform and accessories, you will be better equipped to deal with anything a martial arts competition can throw your way. These shoes are an important part of an expert martial artist’s uniform and they were them to spar, box and for other types of competitions and scheduled training.

What You Get Out Of MMA Training

MMA training, known as mixed martial arts in full, has quickly gained popularity as a sport as well as an exercise activity taken up by countless of people throughout the globe. The complete physical combat activity involves the utilization of the grappling and striking techniques. As its name suggests, this activity comprises of several contact sports including; the Brazilian jiu-jitsu, kickboxing, wrestling and karate. So, why are many people taking up the combat activity as a professional sport and for exercise?

The History of the Ninja

People in black run across a courtyard, flowing over the walls with arachnid grace, racing across the roofs, as fast as cheetahs. Find out who they are and what they do in this article.

Common Sense Training Tips

Are there any common sense things you should know about your training? This articles discusses some things that should be practiced regardless of what style you study and where you train.

Balance – The Difference Between Life And Death

Balance in Kendo is very important. Where you shift your weight when attacking or defending can mean a win or loss.

Samuel Braga Seminar Review

This is a quick writeup of my experience training with Samuel Braga at Gracie Barra Chicago in June, 2011. Samuel Braga is hilarious. I enjoyed his sense of humor as much as the techniques.

How to Find the Best Martial Arts to Train

All combat arts are the same. Some may look a little different from others, but the strategies used are universal. Therefore, there is no such thing as the best martial arts, merely superior martial artists. The quality of instruction a person receives is of the utmost importance, as many claim to teach the way but do not them selves fully comprehend the art.

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