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Judo Dojo – Safety and Etiquette

Judo is a very physically demanding sport and it is vital that you take care of not just yourself but your training partners as well. There are a few things you can implement that will help in enjoying an injury free judo career. Wash your hands before practice Before you step on the judo mat you should at the very least wash your hands.

Judo Workouts – 6 Judo Circuits That Will Sky Rocket Your Heart Rate

It is very important that the workouts you are completing as part of your fitness and conditioning are catered for Judo. Judo fights are 5 minutes and length and you need to be fitness enough to be able to compete hard for minutes, have 5 minutes off and fight again. Therefore your training should be something very similar to this Here are 6 circuits designed specifically for Judo.

Protective Equipment for Judo

Judo is one of those sports where if you injure something as small as a little finger, you can be out of action for quite some time. Therefore it is critical that you look after your physical body. There are a few things you can do that will prevent finger injuries when doing Judo.

Judo and Setting Goals

“Dreams are where reality is made.” I don’t know who said this but I really like this quote. I love that fact that what some people have dreamed, they have achieved. Yes they worked hard for it, but they once had a dream and they chased it and achieved it.

Judo Throws – 4 Crucial Points

If you have been doing Judo for more than 3 weeks then you would be well acquainted with throwing your partner a few times. There are a few fundamental aspects that you must understand in order to understand and develop throws in Judo. At first glance Judo looks pretty easy, just get a hold of your opponent and throw them using either your hips, feet or shoulders.

Judo Newaza – 7 Reasons Why You Should Always Transition Into Newaza

There are a huge amount of judokas that never transition into Newaza. There are literally hundreds of Judokas all over the world who don’t even bother attempting any sort of Newaza. There are four ways to win a Judo match and three of these are in Newaza. That is why it is so important to have some sort of game plan when the match hits the floor.

Competitive Judo Techniques

There are virtually thousands and thousands of Ne Waza and Tachi waza techniques to learn. There is Spider guard, X-guard, half guard sweeps, heel hooks, leg locks and neck cranks in Ne Waza. As well as Uchimata, Tai otoshi, Kogas Seoi nages, Kashiwazakis Tomoe nage and Vazagashvillis Kata Guruma.

Judo – 8 Things All Judokas Need

All Judokas must have a good forward throw. Throws such as Harai Goshi, Ippon Seoi Nage, Tai otoshi and Uchimata are techniques that you must know how to execute. Having the ability to turn for a forwards technique results in your opponent either going over for Ippon or sets them up for a backwards technique.

UFC 133 Evans Vs Ortiz: Statistical Breakdown

With such an exciting UFC 132 in the books, we have what looks like a sub par UFC 133 ahead of us. At first glance the event as a whole doesn’t to have the star power or the dynamite matchups that are almost always guaranteed to deliver. However these events are often the one’s that fans will be disappointed after deciding not to watch them live and later hearing about all the nonstop action. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen to us this time and take a closer look at the matchups and statistics of each fight to see if there are some key matchups that have the potential of delivering.

Katana History, and How to Take Care of It

The katana was a very important instrument in Japanese society. It was widely used all over Japan.

Karate Kata And Health Benefits

The kata are vital in the development of anyone participating in the martial art of karate. One of the most beneficial elements of kata is fitness itself.The speed and the power created with each move should be effortless, and the more experienced kata practitioners will appear almost dance-like in their movements.

KravMaga: Self-Defense Without Boundaries

KravMaga is one of those hand-to-hand combat techniques that are used today in many ways. They provide an effective self defense method for the military, the police and even civilians.This KravMaga combat technique is especially known for its highly efficient counter-attacks that make use of striking, wrestling and grappling combinations. KravMaga aims to neutralize an attacker with aggressive maneuvers that are as equally defensive as they are offensive.

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