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Martial Arts Tips – How to Manipulate Another Person’s Physical Energy

Several martial arts have different concepts but they may also have certain similarities especially when it comes to what they mainly offer, which is a chance for the individual to defend himself and the people around him in times of need. This is why several folks especially women are pursuing martial art training.

Self Defence Classes – What Is Self Defence?

What Is Self Defence? Self Defence is a system of combat techniques used to protect yourself from physical confrontation. These techniques mostly originate from Martial Arts – Karate, Kickboxing, Judo and Kung Fu are to name a few.

Taekwondo As a Form of Self-Defence

Self defense is one reason why a lot of individuals would wish to learn the different techniques in Taekwondo. Martial arts movies add to the interest of others nevertheless, the inclusion of this Korean martial art in the Olympic Games has sparked the interest of many more. But how can it help serve as a self defence?

Different Types of Taekwondo Techniques

Taekwondo if literally translated from its Korean meaning means ways of the hand and feet. Thus it is not a wonder if you will be presented with dozens of Taekwondo techniques before you will be given the honor to wear the black belt in Taekwondo. A few of these Taekwondo techniques includes the following:

Exercises For Martial Arts Training

Are you into martial arts training? Perhaps you want to join those mixed martial arts competitions.

Taekwondo Uniform: The Dobok

Dobok is the Korean term for the Taekwondo uniform. It must be worn at all times during practice and most especially during tournaments and sparring games. Etymology of the term The term dobok originated from two Korean terms: “do” which is in reference to the word way and “bok” which refers to clothing.

Different Types of Taekwondo Moves

Every Taekwondo student has to learn several basic moves before he or she advances to the next belt. He or she is required to demonstrate in full confidence and competence these moves if he or she wants to move higher to the next rank. Techniques are carefully developed in belief that this will help the student maximize his or her potential and are necessary moves which must be learned before other more complicated moves can be learned in the future.

MMA Fitness: The 3 Best Ways To Build Momentum For Faster Results Than You Ever Thought Possible

Momentum is the single most important key to rapid, life-changing success there is. These three elusive Mixed Martial Arts secrets if applied consistently, will create the exact circumstances required to build unstoppable momentum in nearly every aspect of life.

Should Martial Artists Ever Touch Free Weights?

There have always been debates on weather martial artists should lift weights to increase strength or just rely on their technique and the mysterious power of “Chi”. This article describes what has worked for me.

Martial Art Training

Martial art training is an enjoyable and yet tough path. Having a goal can help you to achieve your highest level. Here is one story of such a goal.

Kung Fu: Secret Shaolin Fighting Exercises – Overlord or ‘Tyrant’ Elbow!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret ‘Kungs’ or Fighting Exercises, involve extreme training but can produce astonishing results. Overlord Elbow (aka Tyrant Elbow or Ba Wang Zhou) which strengthens and intensifies the penetrating power of elbow-strikes is described, together with details of training methods and their intensity, stages and duration. The elbow-tip thus strengthened, ‘…penetrates opponents’ flesh like a knife jabbed through paper,’ according to Shaolin authorities.

MMA Fans Holding the Sport Back

For the past couple of years, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has had a meteoric rise and is the fastest growing sport in the world. Also, MMA has begun to swallow boxing and wrestling to become the defining combat sport. This however is no reason for the expansion of the sport to show signs of slowing down.

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