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Humility, the Key to a Fighter’s Success

Being the strongest, meanest, most skilled athlete are great attributes when trying to achieve greatness in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, but having humility is truly the key to success. Without it, you will only take your game so far.

Utah MMA

How did Utah become such a hotbed for Mixed Martial Arts, and come to produce so many talented athletes in the sport? You need look no further than The Ultimate Combat Experience.

What Is Mixed Martial Arts?

Taekwondo, jiu-jitsu, judo, and karate are just a few examples of martial arts of which many of us are already familiar. However, mixed martial arts is a relatively new field that has experienced exponential growth in participation largely due to the popularity of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Simply put, mixed martial arts is a combat sport that includes full-contact techniques including striking and grappling from standing and ground positions.

A Sequence of Emptiness For Learning Taijiquan

Taijiquan, also called Tai Chi Chuan, is often considered a mysterious confusing martial art to learn. This is merely a problem of translating language. In truth, there are several easy steps one can take to learn this ancient martial art.

Comparing Taekwondo, Karate, Judo and JiuJitsu Uniforms

When starting out in the martial arts knowing the difference between a Taekwondo and Karate uniform can be confusing. However, when you throw in Judo and Jiu Jitsu it can be down right overwhelming. So, this article will help you figure out the differences between these uniforms and what to look for.

Using The Karate Method To Defeat An Attacker

A quick summation of the three essential strategies that will enable anyone to win a fight using karate techniques. In this age of MMA this strategy is pretty much a lost art.

The Importance of Beginner Mixed Martial Arts Lessons

With the popularity of MMA, more and more people are looking to train. You will find a lot of schools opening up. This is a good thing and a bad thing.

Initial Thoughts on Yushin Okami Vs Hector Lombard

One of my themes to MMA betting is putting an emphasis on planning ahead. My planning ahead process usually looks as follows; a fight gets announced, I make an initial hypothesis about the fight, and then as the fight nears I do my research, put my hypothesis to the test, and then determine if we have a betting opportunity.

How to Deal With the Injury Risk in MMA Betting

An article about how to deal with injuries in MMA by Jason Rothman. Rothman writes from the perspective of an MMA bettor.

Jiu Jitsu Classes For Everyone

When you look for a dominant martial art the first to come to mind is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. When you look back at when the UFC first started with Royce Gracie going out and being able to beat opponents almost twice his size using leverage and technique.

A Guide to Judo

Judo is a type of martial art which originates from Japan. It has since developed into an Olympic sport, which is practiced by millions of people all over the world. This articles takes a look at the history of Judo, common techniques, its benefits, and how you can learn Judo in your area.

Morality and Martial Arts

This article discusses the relationship between morality of traditional and modern martial arts systems. The author notes differences in the teachings of morality of traditional martial arts and modern martial combat arts. Questions are raised based on definitions of traditional vs. modern martial arts as well as who should and shouldn’t be considered martial artists.

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