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Self Defense – Where And How To Strike When You Are In Danger

This article gives some simple and effective tips for self defense based on various martial arts. Though these tips may help, it is best to go to a training class given by a trained professional.

Beyond Fight or Flight

In this article the author looks at the flight or flight response. He examines whether there are more responses a person can give and how they are used.

Pre-Assault Body Language Indicators

In this article the author looks at what happens before an assault occurs. He examines 8 body language indicators that signal a person is preparing to attack. By learning these indicators a situation can be dealt with before an attack occurs.

What Martial Art Style Do I Recommend?

In this article the author looks at the benefit of martial arts training. He explores the various benefits you get from training and what martial arts style he recommends for self-defense.

Why You Need Permission to Defend Yourself

In this article the author looks at a main cause of hesitation during practice. He explores a fundamental reason people hesitate and in some cases refuse to act in their own defense.

Knife Defense = Knife Survival

I wanted to give the reader a clear concise picture of what real knife survival tactics looks like. Too often we see people with no real experience painting a picture of something pretty, fun, easy, or cool. A real knife encounter is ugly and scary. You must train in real time with real experts and eventually real blades to survive. Here are some tips that will help you on your journey,

Should Fallon Fox, a Transexual Woman, Be Allowed to Compete in Female MMA?

Fallon Fox is a male-born transgender, who has recently had surgery to hormonally, legally and physically switch her gender from male to female. While this is not the forum or the article to address the merits/morality/legality of surgically changing your own body, I would like to address the legality of the fact that she has fought in MMA and would like to continue to do so. The debate lies in whether this is fair to her opponents, and if it raises major safety issues.

Interesting Insight Into The Art of Karate

Most people don’t realise how martial arts spread so far from their countries of origin, nor how long they have been loved in the West. Here is a brief history of Karate in the western world.

Benefits of Becoming A Certified Personal Trainer

While many people are into sports and fitness, many would still need personal instructors to help them achieve their goals. Read the article to learn how to become a certified personal trainer.

Situational Awareness – Top Five Tips For Self-Defense

The best way to defend yourself in a fight is to not be in the fight in the first place. Situational awareness tips, when applied correctly can help you achieve this end. Read this article for five fantastic situational awareness tips that you can apply today to tip the odds in your favor.

The Positive Values of Sports – The Conclusion

You may be asking yourself, how does learning how to kick and punch someone develop good values, proper mental attitude and self-improvement? One means to understand how this is achieved is consider a student starting with a new technique, which he may find very difficult to perform. As he watches more advanced students, he notices they make it appear to be very easy. This instills a sense of modesty within the student. The fact that he would like to have techniques as good as theirs requires that he get help from the advanced student or instructor. To get the help, he needs to be polite – no one will want to help if the student appears rude and arrogant. He develops trust in his instructor’s method of teaching by noting the advanced students are achieving levels that he would like to obtain. So he willingly follows his instructor’s advice. Patience is acquired as he realizes it takes many repetitions to develop proper techniques. But this is just the beginning…

The Positive Values of Sports – Part I

Participating in sport no matter what it is specifically, offers many values that can easily be forgotten. It is the point of this article to perhaps bring some of these important aspects back up to a conscious level. By discussing one sport in more detail, it is easy to see the connection to other sports and the values they all commonly share. Let’s consider the martial art Muay Thai, which has roots back to Thailand that date over 2,000 years ago based on ancient documents, drawings on walls and historical conflicts that took place among some of the developing Asian geographies.

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