Full Fight | Ryan Bader vs. Matt Mitrione | Bellator 207

“Qigong For Women: Ancient Healing Wisdom For Modern Women” With Lisa B. O’Shea

“Qigong for Women: Ancient Healing Wisdom for Modern Women” with Lisa B. O’Shea is an excellent qigong resource for women who are interested in bettering their health through this ancient Chinese practice. O’Shea is a certified YMAA qigong master, a certified qigong therapist with the Chinese Healing Arts Center, and is certified in reiki and hypnotherapy.

What’s Different Between Mixed Martial Arts and Other Martial Arts?

You will learn how mixed martial arts evolved and what martial arts are put in to it. I think you will be surprise what martial arts are being used, you never know; your favorite martial arts that you are doing right now might be in use in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Why Are Mixed Martial Arts Popular?

The sport of mixed martial arts is so popular because it has so many martial arts put in to it that people that have not seen any of the martial arts yet are willing to learn other types of martial arts. Even though some people are trained in the same type of martial arts, different people fight differently. All fighters, especially mixed martial arts fighters have a unique style of fighting.

Why Signing Up Your Kids for Martial Arts Classes Is One of the Best Ideas

No matter what your stance on violence and fighting in general may be, if you’re a responsible parent you owe it to your kids to research the idea of signing them up for some professional martial arts classes, if you want to give them numerous benefits and advantages in their lives. This is not gender specific, and your kids can start practicing at pretty much any age over a certain (low) barrier, but the general consensus is that the sooner you get them started on this, the better. There are numerous benefits to martial arts which remain…

Psychological Aspects of Martial Arts

All martial arts systems have sets of movements (Katas, Forms, etc.,), as well as various drills, to develop physical strength, various techniques, ease of movement/agility and to develop the mind. According to the cultural, historical and philosophical background of the individual martial arts styles different aspects of the art are emphasised.

The Best Kicking Bag for a Heavy Bag Workout

Selecting a good bag for your heavy bag workout is crucial. Unfortunately, most people just take whatever they are offered, and don’t understand the relationship of weight and give that a bag must provide to have the best heavy bag workout possible.

The Perfect Punch – Perfecting Technique

When you practice a punch, whose punch is it? Is it your own, or is it your teacher’s? In order to attain excellence in martial arts, and in any sport, it is crucial that you know the answer to that question. In this article we discuss how to make that punch your own.

MMA Strategy – Work the Fighter, Control the Fight

A great MMA strategy is to control the fight. You win by controlling the fight, every point you get is based on control. There are many levels of control.

Krav Maga: Self-Awareness Paired With Self-Defense Courses

Self-defense courses are essential for the well-being of any American citizen, male or female, whether you’re living alone in the city or starting a family in the suburbs. It’s just as important an aspect of self-care as smart dieting and exercise; exercise serves as defense against muscle atrophy and advanced aging, and a good diet serves as defense against illness and adverse health-these are physical threats to your well-being, just like an assailant on the street, in a bar, or on the train. If you can afford self-defense courses and make the time in your schedule, do so;…

Improvised Weapons For Self Defense

Here are a few everyday items you can use as improvised weapons for when you need to defend yourself. Plus, how you can improvise a few things yourself.

How to Be a Martial Arts Master

People reach Black Belt and don’t realize that this is only the first step in the journey. Here are the other things you need to do, and which will help you master not just the martial arts, but life itself!

The Training a MMA Fighter Goes Through

What an MMA fighter goes through in their training. Why is to good to train like a Martial Artist, and how it will help you lose weight.

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