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MMA Styles – Why Wrestlers Dominate in MMA

There are three main reasons wrestlers continue to dominate MMA competitions and UFC competitions. This article will explore them.

5 Ways to Be a Unique Martial Artist and Fighter

5 Ways to be a Unique Martial Artist Martial Artists (especially those who keep to traditional beliefs), often only study and practice one Martial Art. What is the point of that?

Weight Training for Punching Power

For self defence the ability to throw a good punch is perhaps one of the most important skills to develop. This means developing technique and martial arts can help a great deal, but what also helps is to build your strength and fitness to make sure you have the ability to really hit hard. The muscles that you need to train to this end are the pecs, the triceps and the deltoids, and by getting them strong you’ll be able to really pack a punch.

Alistair Overeem – Best Fighter In The World?

Is Alistair Overeem the best fighter in the world? He will come back in the Ultimate Fighting Championship in December, after a one year suspension for unauthorized testosterone usage.

Martial Art School

“Anyone can do art.” I strongly disagree. Maybe it’s my art school talking, but I think it takes a serious dedication of time and effort to learn any art form.

How I Train Iron Palm

Iron palm differs from some other hand conditioning techniques because, when correctly performed, there is no damage to the hand. Compare this against some styles that involve punching hard surfaces every day that eventually build callouses and may cause knuckle joint problems. You can tell from looking at their hands that they do conditioning. This is something that iron palm seeks to not have to deal with.

The First 100 Days Of My Iron Palm Training

I have been training iron palm for over 100 days now. As you probably know, iron palm is a kung fu training program designed to toughen the hand so you can hit harder without injuring yourself. There seems to be some special significance about 100 days when it comes to this. I have even seen programs called things like “iron palm in 100 days” that are supposed to teach you a quick method that will have you breaking bricks like a pro in only a few months.

The Secret of Staying Calm: Strategic Breathing

One useful technique is called “Combat Breathing” or “Strategic Breathing.” Cops are trained in this technique to help them shoot straight in a gunfight and you can use it in any stressful situation ranging from making a speech to fighting.

Combat Sports And Masculinity

Fighting has always been seen as a very masculine thing. It is always associated with the man to be rough and tough. Men are always projected in the media and other mediums as the ones who are supposed to be the protector.

Globalization Of Combat Sports

With the world becoming a global village and everything becoming easily accessible a change is upon us. There has been a fusion of cultures and lifestyles and it is still evolving.

What Is a Karate Knee Strike?

Knee strikes are a powerful self-defense technique that can do serious damage to an attacker. There are multiple ways to properly throw a knee, the following information will cover each.

Three MMA Mistakes I Make: Outside Hook Takedown (Kosotogake)

The outside hook from a clinch, known as “kosotogake” in judo, is an efficient and effective takedown for any grappling situation: tournament with a gi, MMA, or an actual fight. It should be part of every fighter’s arsenal… but you need to know how to do it correctly.

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