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Protect Your Head

If I ask my seven year old daughter what the most important thing is when you fall, she’ll answer, “Protect your head.” It’s the same answer all of my students will give. Obviously, when you fall is not the only time you must protect the housing of your brain. We must protect our heads at all times. We must protect our head from incoming blows from hands, feet, weapons, and also from striking the ground if we get thrown or fall. A severe blow to the head can cause immediate brain damage or death, but even a lessor impact can cause a concussion. We should protect against them all.

Bend Your Knees for Balance

I sometimes see videos of people on the internet, and at other times in person, of individuals performing various martial art techniques without bending their knees. Sometimes I notice people with legs locked straight and bending at the waist to get lower, resulting in body positions that are not balanced, not stable, not as strong as they could be, and just plain inefficient regarding the technique trying to be performed. If my students have heard it once, they have heard it a few thousand times, “bend your knees!”

Kung Fu Power Via Internal Energies!

The 5 Elements of Taoist (and Buddhist) Metaphysics, Taiji and the Pakua all have established and well-grounded theoretical frameworks. The Yellow Emperors’ Classic of Internal Medicine’ (‘Huang Di Nei Jing) details their practical applications which permeated and sustained the Society and Culture he established. Their potent influence is still at work in the field of Chinese Martial Arts and their are a number of ways in which these internal energies can be accessed for martial purposes.

Why Do We Train the Techniques of the Ancient Warriors?

Why is it that we train in so tough in martial arts? Why do we take the time in our day to push ourselves in something most of us could not ever have to use in actual everyday life? We break our bones, pull ligaments, tear tendons, pull muscles, put up with neck pains, and just mention a couple of issues that happen soon after a tough day of training.

‘Monkey’ was a Shaolin Monk!

The identity of Sun Wu Kung (King Monkey) first popularised in fiction by Wu Cheng En (1500-82 CE) in ‘Journey West’ needs clarifying due to the lack of knowledge of Kung Fu, Qigong, Feng Shui and of many other fundamental aspects of Chinese culture by the original translators. This article suggests his origin, at least as far as the circumstances Wu Cheng En describes, was in fact the Northern Shaolin Temple in Henan.

Viewing Martial Arts As Exercise

There are many ways of getting the exercise your body should have for health and fitness. Many are choosing to practice one of the many martial arts disciplines.

Kickboxing and Street Fights: What Difference Does Kickboxing Make in a Real Life Confrontation?

A lot of people take up martial arts for the self defence aspect – to know that if a situation presents itself, they will be able to hold their own and get out of a fight with minimal injury. Many just take up kickboxing so that they don’t feel afraid of potential fights and feel safer walking home at night. Opinions are divided regarding whether or not kickboxing can be applied to fights outside the dojo, but being a kickboxer is bound to be an advantage if you know how to apply your training properly.

5 Ways to Develop Explosive Striking Ability

We have all watched professional cage fighting and were amazed at how explosive these fighters are with their movements. What is it exactly that allows these athletes to be able to explode with such veracious intensity? The subject of this article is to explain 5 ways that the reader can develop explosive striking ability in order to help them become better fighters, martial arts practitioners or just to defend their selves.

5 Techniques You Can Use, To Identify A Threat

In this article we will address 5 techniques in which you can use to identify a threat. Many of you out there reading this article may or may not be proficient in maters of security. As a former Special Forces Soldier and Infantryman in the US Army, we are well versed in understanding security and risk mitigation. Many of you may not realize that threats in most cases do not just simply pop up and strike. There are many factors that lead the materialization of a physical and active threat. Much of any threat is defined by how you react or counter it.

Should I Undertake MMA Training?

Out of all the power packed workouts, MMA is considered to be the most strenuous workouts that increase the core strength of an athlete. The workouts prescribed by MMA experts aim at improving the overall fitness levels of the athletes to sustain the demanding rounds of Mixed martial arts. If you think your current workout regimen is doing no good to improve your endurance levels, then it is important to consider training, the MMA way.

Functional Feat Strength

What possible benefit could tearing a deck of cards or bending nails have for a mixed martial artist? Surely it would make more sense to train with specific grip equipment like grip machines, grippers, plate pinches and thick bars than trying to tear decks of cards, rip phone books, and bend steel, right?

A Bit About Karate Gear

Most of the gear used in martial arts was actually created through necessity. In the year 1477, King Sho Shi banned the people of Okinawa from having, carrying or collecting swords. All of these weapons were collected from the people of the island and stored in the royal castle. This left the people of Okinawa unarmed and defenseless.

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