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Online Resources for Learning Filipino Martial Arts

Want to know where and how to learn Filipino martial arts? Check out this article for some great online resources for learning Filipino martial arts.

Do You Suffer From Martial Hiatus Syndrome?

Missing class is normal for most people. The problem arrives when you miss multiple classes, and then it begins to create a barrier for returning. This article dives into that phenomenon and rips it apart. If you struggle with attendance to your martial arts class, read this article.

The Commercialism of Martial Arts

Yes, you have noticed the martial arts becoming commercialized lately. You may have even heard some negativity surrounding the phenomenon. Can this have benefit to the arts themselves? Read on for one perspective.

3 Incredible Benefits of Blended Martial Arts

There can be many benefits to training more than one style of martial arts. This is of course, if the style you train is one-dimensional. Many styles incorporate all aspects of combat, but if your style focuses on only one area of martial arts, read on. You may want to expand your horizons.

A Message To Parents – Let Your Children Learn Martial Arts

Kids benefit from martial arts training in many ways. This article discusses how martial arts helps our children in way that reach well beyond simple self-defense training.

Dealing With Bullies Through Martial Arts Training

The topic of bullying is getting more, and more media attention. It is a problem that has existed for a long time, and won’t be going away any time soon. What can we do in the mean time to help enable our children to deal with such potential abuse? We can teach them martial arts.

How to Find a Martial Art for Your Kids

So many martial arts schools to choose from these days. It’s difficult for a parent to know which training and school to choose from. This article will help a parent make a good decision.

Health Benefits of the Martial Arts

Most people think of martial arts training as it pertains to sharpening your ability to defend yourself. Martial arts training has so many benefits to your health, and well being. This article discusses a few of them.

Don’t Think Like a Victim, Think Like a Martial Artist

The confidence that radiates from an individual that has attained great proficiency in the martial arts can be felt across a room. You weren’t born with this of course. One naturally shifts their mindset from one of timidity, or worse victim, to that of a confident, and capable individual.

Relationships, Intimacy, and the Martial Arts

When you think about martial arts, and it’s potential benefits, you don’t immediately think of how martial training can affect your immediate relationships. It does have an affect… some real benefits exist, and this article covers them.

Measuring A Great Martial Arts Teacher Is About More Than Numbers

There can be much debate as to what makes a martial arts instructor great. This articles examines some of the ideas as to what really matters in an instructor of the martial arts.

Origin Stories of 4 Notable Martial Arts From Various Parts of the World

It should be no surprise that this article may address some common misconceptions on the origins of martial arts. We’ll be travelling from country to country from India, where the oldest known ritualistic traditional martial art, to China, to Japan and Okinawa up to Pro Boxing in London. The term “traditional martial art’ may be for debate, but that shall be left for later articles.

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