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How to Find the Right Teacher in Martial Arts

There is a saying in Martial Arts that when the student is ready, the Teacher appears. Yes, but… real teachers (Masters) are not in the habit of announcing themselves, they do not advertise, they do not (usually) have large classes and may in fact have no classes at all and many, if not most, of such teachers do not run true to (stereo)type. How does a student recognize such a Teacher? These are the issues we address in this article. It goes without saying that this is of supreme importance: without the right Teacher the student is unlikely to realize his or her potential.

Would You Rather Be a Martial Arts Predator or Prey?

Is man a beast, or something else? Whatever he is, whatever he chooses to be, the answer is in the question: are you a Martial Arts predator or prey?

Knife Defense Training: Blade Defense Tactics and Realistic Knife Training Drills

An article about realistic knife defense and the knife defense tactics one must practice in training. Debunk all the knife myths and train for reality. Learn where not to get cut and a drill on how to maximize your survivability when facing a blade assault.

How Martial Arts Can Build Confidence

A healthy self confidence equips you to deal with the challenges of life effectively, to communicate and self-express without hesitation, to achieve your goals and in doing so improve your self-image exponentially. Martial arts training not only keeps you fit and healthy but teach you the coping mechanism needed to deal with stress which has become a persistent part of our lives today. It helps you find your inner self as you gain a good sense of who you are, where you are going and where you have been.

Tai Chi Dinner

Tai Chi is dinner for the mind and body. The result of studying Tai Chi is a calm, yet energized feeling that can be likened to having fortified oneself with a “Tai Chi Dinner”.

The Truth Is That Taekwondo Is Really Karate!

Here is a short history concerning the five original kwans (houses) of Taekwondo. Examining these kwans one cannot but help come to the conclusion that taekwondo is really karate.

Shapeshifter: Channeling The Tiger: A Path To Enlightenment

Becoming one with the Earth is a natural part of the Spiritual Warriors path to enlightenment. Martial Arts, Dance and all other various forms of the arts of human movement create a divine connection to the universal whole.

My Martial Arts

In the 1970s the popularity of Bruce Lee exploded in cinemas and subsequently the popularity of martial arts grew exponentially. But before that, finding a martial arts club was next to impossible and enthusiasts had little choice but to practice in small gyms or halls with just a handful of friends. You needed to have an “in” to access these training groups and if you didn’t, you weren’t likely to find somewhere to learn or train. Bruce Lee revealed the speed, excitement, and power that martial arts represent and the world was forever changed.

How to Improve Your Flexibility in Martial Arts

The popularity of Mixed Martial Arts is in an all-time high and now, in the ultimate fighting championship you have a women’s division. This is inspiring a lot of women to compete and get started in the mixed martial arts. Just recently, the ultimate fighter 18th casting call had 300 fighters attend the open trial, 50 of them were women.

Just Push The Button

Why not “Just Push The Tai Chi Button” and settle the mind, create harmony and tto learn the body? What is the change in the last 50 years that has happened, the one thing that we (humans) always did, which was necessary to get through the day and now is luxury? Walking, and some might even say moving. Today’s culture says “just push the button” To settle the mind, to create harmony, to learn the body, get the body in motion.

Post Workout Nutrition for MMA

MMA or Mixed Martial Arts can be one of the most demanding and intense of all sports. Whether it’s grappling, wrestling, or striking sessions, MMA is unique in that it taps into all three energy systems. Rest days are few in between which makes recovery and proper nutrition all that more important. Without a proper recovery strategy, it is especially easy for a combat athlete to be overtrained, gains plateauing and worse yet vulnerable to injuries.

How to Punch Hard

Most martial artists rely on strength to power their punches. And that works. But there is a better way. Read on…

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