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The Beauty of Capoeira

The complexity of the game comes from the cocktail of music, dance, violence and ritual, which derived from the necessity of Brazilian slaves to disguise their practice as a dance. They could not train in broad daylight and thus disguised their fights as a dance. Therefore, players are all in harmony with each other. There are no winners, no scores to be kept; it was all the fun and cardio, of course.

Overcome Attention Deficit Disorder With Martial Arts for Kids

If you are looking for a more holistic way of treating your child with ADD, why not try enrolling him or her in a martial arts program? There are many reasons why martial arts can benefit children with ADD, such as improved focus, improve physical health, and social skills. These are just some of the many benefits. Read further to find out more on how Martial Arts can help improve your child’s well being.

How Does One Develop One’s Own System and Style in Martial Arts?

Many so-called martial arts masters are spewing forth the advent of their own originality. It is a fiasco. As a bona fide master, and world-recognized authority figure. I present the reality of personal self-development through the arduous task of becoming one with my arts.

Utilizing Kung Fu Meditation to Rule the Whole World

Kung Fu meditation is powerful stuff. Even taken lightly, the effects can be powerful.

Reasons Why You Should Have Your Child Learn at Least One Martial Art

I’m pretty sure there are a lot of parents who cringe at the idea of having their child learn a martial art. Bruised siblings, broken furniture, broken fixtures and holes in the walls are usually some of the things that pop into a parent’s head. This is probably the most common misconception of parents about martial arts that is why most of them are hesitant to even entertain this idea. Unknown to most parents, children who get involved in martial arts can actually reap many benefits in various aspects of their lives. Let me share to you some of them.

A Dynamic Kung Fu Wooden Dummy The Easy Way

The kung fu wooden dummy is a fantastic training device. It toughens the arms for blocking, it toughens the palms for striking, and it is an opponent that never quits, but always loses. Unfortunately, it costs a bit much, so here are a couple of alternatives to help the wooden dummy aficionado.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – Leadership and Traditional Values

For centuries Martial Arts training has developed many great characteristics in its students, while they strive to master their chosen discipline. Brazilian Jiu Jitsu may be considered a modern day and progressive Martial Art and although it continues to evolve, it is important to respect and follow some of the ancient traditions of the Martial Arts… I still remember the five tenets of Tae Kwon Do from my training as a youth and it has served me well in life. It is as follows:

Best Karate Breathing Technique Makes for Massive Ki Power

A short, but concise article on proper karate breathing methods. The rules are simple, and following them will open up your martial art and help create much ki power.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Defense: How to Defend a Heel Hook From the Standing Position

The heel hook is a very common submission done in the martial arts of Brazilian jiu jitsu. It is a move taught early on and used from white belts up to black belts. It is a very effective yet rather simple move to finish. This article is a review of how to defend the heel hook.

Get To Know The Various Brazilian JiuJitsu Techniques

Brazilian jiujitsu is a mix of Japanese martial arts and Kodokan judo and first gained recognition when the first, second, and fourth Ultimate Fighting Champhionships in 1990 were won by Royce Gracie, a fighter who practices Brazilian jiujitsu. Royce Gracie’s winnings have led to many MMA fighters to start training this martial art and it has become the key to other fighters’ winnings as well. It is normal to see submission holds, such as chokeholds and joint-locks in this type of martial art, considering that it focuses a lot on ground fighting techniques.

Best Cage Fighting Styles

Picking the right martial arts style for MMA fighting is essential to having a long and prosperous career. Choose a discipline that concentrates on the three main areas that every fighter needs.

Secret Martial Arts Breathing Technique Creates Massive Chi Power

Here is some data about martial arts breathing techniques that will give you instant chi power. Of special interest is the yoga breathing outlined at the end.

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