Full Fight | Michael Page vs. Shinsho Anzai | Bellator 237

How to Get Back on The Martial Training Track

Attaining great success in anything is very difficult unless you have a road map, or plan. In the martial arts, it is no different. This article gives you practical advice that you can use now, to set some great training goals.

A True Modern Samurai Among Us

Modern Samurai do walk among us. If you have the good fortune to train with one, much can be learned. Read this article to learn of one such encounter.

7 Skills That Will Enhance Your Kid’s Karate School Experience

The greatest physical and mental fitness gifts, along with emotional health that parents can give their children, is by enrolling them in a karate class. This is because the benefits of karate, for younger children, are not only immense, but also invaluable. In fact, karate can and has significantly helped thousands of young people, navigate both the social and academic aspects of school, thus boosting their grades, while making them successful in other areas of life.

UFC 168: A Shocking Ending on Weidman Vs Silva 2

No one would have ever thought this could happen. But as they, all is fair in love and war, and in a contact sport like MMA, virtually anything can transpire at any given moment.

Strength and Movement for MMA

The word strength sends panic and fear into many an athlete and conjures up the stereotypical pumped up steroid junkie or strongman athlete. This is far from what strength and conditioning really means and various people have quoted what it means, however lets break each of the two elements down.

How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers – The Tactics

Being attacked by more than one opponent at a time is a tricky situation. It requires not only a well thought out strategy, but physical tactics as well. In this article we deal with the moment by moment, or tactical considerations.

How To Defend Against Multiple Attackers – The Strategy

Being attacked by more than one opponent at a time is a tricky situation. It requires not only a well thought out strategy, but physical tactics as well. In two articles, I cover both respectively. This article deals with the strategic considerations.

Partner Drills 1 (MMA)

Functional and bodyweight training are essential parts of your strength and conditioning. Below are few drills you can incorporate into any workout in order to compliment your programme, a few are for fun but do have benefits, give them a go and let us know how you get on. Punch and Crunch – Have your partner stand or kneel above you as if in the guard position wearing focus mitts, you do as many crunches and punches as you can in thirty seconds then jump up…

Defending Against The Knife – The Tactical Considerations

Defending against a knife can be one of the most frightening scenarios a person can be confronted with. When you have no choice, you must act. This article gives you well thought out tactics you can employ if confronted with a knife.

The Philosophy Behind Defending Against The Knife

Dealing with a knife wielding opponent can have deadly consequences. The first thing to consider is whether or not to comply with their demands, or risk it all. This article deals with a philosophy behind fighting the knife.

Going Predator: How to Know When It Is Time to Use Force

In this article the author talks about how to when it is appropriate to use force and how much force should be used. He discusses social and asocial violence and the use of kinetic triggers.

Scanning For Multiple Attackers

In this article the author looks at the practice of scanning the area for threats. While often taught in shooting disciplines it is very seldom taught in martial arts disciplines. Here he discusses two techniques.

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