Full Fight | Michael Chandler vs. Brent Primus | Bellator 212

All Judo Players And Coaches Must Do This: The Post Competition Analysis

If you do the sport of judo, you must not only scout the competition and prepare physically, you must also improve the communication between the coach and the athlete. One element of this is doing the post fight analysis.

Using Three Martial Arts Principles To Survive A Mob Attack!

How to survive in a mob. Some clever tricks to keep you alive!

Jiu Jitsu Tournaments – A Platform to Display the Art

The first game began as a no bar fight tournament in which Helio Gracie proved that Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that uses the technique of leverage. But in order to gain perfection practice was the main objective. As a result, progress was very slow. It took years to get a belt. The concept of tournament came later. And with it came the urgency to excel. Thus came the concept of competition and the overall Jiu Jitsu game became better. The referee speaks in Portuguese and you will not understand anything unless you are exposed to tournaments.

The Technique To Fold Your Jiu Jitsu Gear

As Jiu Jitsu is a performing art, it requires a specific type of dress to perform the art. This dress has to be carried to your class and also to the venue where the tournament or the fight is going to take place. You must have seen others do the same thing with a lot of finesse. All it needs is a plain surface to fold the gear. First of all you need to place the top of the dress on the flat surface and see to it that there are no creases in the dress.

Selecting a Jiu Jitsu Head Gear

The Bjj Gi gear plays a vital role in playing the match. The dress is in accordance with the art. The dress is complete when worn with an appropriate head gear. It is a vital accessory that helps in not only protecting the head but also protects the ears. The forehead is covered with special padding for the ears. The Jiu Jitsu head gear is kept fixed in its position with the help of straps. Wearing a head gear is compulsory for those who belong to the under 16 year’s category of players. But out of necessity, even the above 16 years group is using the gear for protection.

Purchasing Jiu Jitsu Gis

Jiu Jitsu is a martial art that is performed on the ground and is based on certain techniques that involve a lot of flexibility. It is for this reason that you have to be very careful in buying the uniform. The quality of the cloth and its stitching is of utmost importance. Besides this, the uniform has to have a proper fit. When the Jiu Jitsu uniforms match all these qualities, only then it is worthy of being purchased. The dress may have the perfect look and color but may not fit you and be very uncomfortable as it can tear in between an act and cause a lot of discomfort and embarrassment.

One Of The Biggest Mistakes Judo Coaches and Judo Players Make

Analyzing video is something that many judo coaches players and coaches fail to do. This is a huge mistake. It is one that should not be made if you want to be the best judo player possible.

Punch Bags and Bag Gloves

Punch Bags and Bag Gloves are two very important pieces needed to help you in the world of Mixed Martial Arts. There are many different styles of Punch Bags and each serves a very unique purpose. Bag Gloves come in a variety of colors and price ranges.

Street Fighting Techniques – Use of Pressure Points

Street self defence relies on simple and direct techniques to get the job done. So is there a place of pressure point fighting in street self defence? Over the past 15 years I have trained with many fantastic martial artists from a variety of arts including aikido and ninjitsu.

Qigong for Health and Martial Arts by Dr Yang Jwing-Ming

“Qigong for Health and Martial Arts” by Dr. Yang Jwing-Ming is not as long or comprehensive as many of his books, but it was not meant to be. In this 175 page manual, which is short compared to some of the lengthy tombs he’s written, Dr. Yang provides a very good introduction to the Chinese practice of Qigong, and includes various healing Qigong exercises and massage techniques that are found within the immense body of knowledge that makes up the Qigong cannon. For the person who wants a brief introduction to the health benefits of Qigong and how it can assist one in becoming a better martial artist, this is a good starting point and will most likely create an interest in learning more from an instructor or further resources.

Shaolin Kung Fu Secret Fighting Exercises: Golden Dragon Hand!

The Shaolin Temple’s 72 Secret And Consummate Arts, also known as ‘Kungs’ or Fighting Exercises’, involve extreme training but can produce astonishing results. Golden Dragon Hand, an external power-training and palm-conditioning fighting exercise, is described. Practical details of training intensity and duration and of the simple basic, but very effective, traditional training-aids used are also given.

Three Beneficial Uses Of Tai Chi Chuan?

Tai chi chuan is an internal Chinese martial art practiced by people all over the world because of its training in defense and health benefits. The term tai chi chuan means “supreme ultimate fist”. A few forms of training of Tai Chi Chuan are particularly famous for its slow movement.

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