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Filipino Martial Arts – More Than Meets The Eyes

Self-defense, culture, history and self-empowerment rolled into one. That is what one can find will taking part in Filipino Martial Culture.

Ten Steps to Becoming a Martial Artist

Watching a true master do martial arts is like listening to a symphony or enjoying a beautiful work of art. As you watch you can see the time and concentration in each move. It is definitely something to be admired. You may have a desire to perfect a martial arts skill to that level, but not know how to begin.

Who Isn’t Making the Most Of Their Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Training?

When we train in our chosen martial art, we are giving up some of our most precious asset: our time. If you’re not getting the most out of each class, we’re wasting time and money. Unfortunately, some types of people are more prone to waste than others. Do you fall into one of these four categories?

Gangs Learn Martial Arts By Joining The Military!

Are criminals joining the military services so they can get trained and use that training on the streets? The FBI statistics seem to indicate so.

3 Real World Self Defense Skills Revealed

Learn the three most important principles of real world self defense. These aren’t skill you will learn in the average dojo. These are the skills used by bar bouncers, high level security personnel, and the military. Pay close attention these skills could save your life.

Enroll Your Kids in Fun Martial Arts Classes

Do you want to build your child’s confidence and protect them from bullies at school. You know you can’t always be around to watch them and keep them safe from the bad guys, it is best for them to be able to defend themselves. Why not enroll them in kids martial arts classes wherein they will be taught how to defend themselves in case they are trapped in a tough situation.

One Easy Self-Defense Tip ANYONE Can Perform

With the popularity of Self-Defense systems such as Krav Maga on the rise, there is increasing argument between the martial arts world and so-called “reality based systems” over which one is better. There is a lot of focus on realism of their moves, but we should not loose sight of the true meaning of “self-defense”, as opposed to fighting. Here is one very simple technique that anybody can do, and yet it drastically improves their chances of self-defense against an unwanted aggressor.

Patience and Martial Arts

How many times have you heard “Are we there yet?” Most Parents will know what I’m talking about when you hear this common phrase. With on demand television, music, and food, kids have become accustomed to instant gratification.

About Gut Punching Sessions for Fun and Fighting Training

Gut punching is the activity of one man striking with force the abdominal area of another man with his fists, knees, or shoulders in a consensual manner of play. This is generally between two athletes who want to test their mental and physical ability to withstand the pain. Men may engage in this activity to test themselves or to prepare for participating in a combat sport.

The Power of Filipino Martial Arts

Go from not knowing the benefits of Filipino Martial Arts to living the change. Learn about the power of Filipino Martial Arts and what it has to offer.

Get Fit With Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

These days everyone is looking for a good way to get fit and stay in shape. With people having such busy lives, the trouble is finding something that does a maximum amount of work in a short amount of time. More importantly, it is about finding something that is interesting enough to be motivated to want to do it.

Ninja Shoes For Martial Arts Training

Ninja shoes and uniforms are gradually becoming popular outfits especially with many people throughout the world signing up to learn Ninjitsu art. This has been occasioned by the flashy presentation of the Ninja in endless Hollywood movies, making Ninjitsu art a form of martial art that is gradually growing in popularity.

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