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Krav Maga – Its Principles and Techniques

Krav Maga is one of the widely used martial arts forms for self- defense. Since it originated in the streets, it has its simplicity and is easy to learn, yet effective. Let’s learn about Krav Maga techniques.

3 Easy Ways To Find The Yin and Yang In Your Tai Chi Moves

The Tai Chi Classics mention that one should train to be able to distinguish the yin and yang in every posture. The masters mention that this is crucial for martial arts skills as well as for health and spiritual enlightenment. But what does this mean and how do you do it?

How to Cut Weight for a Competition or Fight

When it comes to cutting weight, many martial artists swear by it. The idea behind it is that if I can weigh in at 150 pounds, then gain weight back before the fight, and be fighting while weighing 165 pounds, then I’ll have a size advantage on my opponent. This concept is most popular in western martial arts; wrestlers and Brazilian jiu jitsu fighters are so big on it, in fact, that you basically have to cut weight, just so you can be EQUAL in size to your opponent.

Karate Kiai Practice And The Enigma Of Kotodama

Karate Kiai is the ‘spirit shout’ which can stop or even harm an attacker. Here is the larger story.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Styles

When you first enroll in a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) program, you may feel more than a little bit overwhelmed. In many ways, this is understandable because there are so many different facets to the art. Some have said there are well over 4,000 techniques if you were to actually tabulate and calculate all the different moves. So, where should you start when it comes to learning the art of BJJ? In the simplest of terms, you need to start at the beginning.

Kickboxing Basics for Everyone

A common question will arise regarding enrolling in kickboxing classes. That question will be “Do I need a lot of flexibility in order to kickbox?” That answer to that question revolves around your goals. But, before we delve further into the answer, here are two very brief and to the point statements for the answer:

Popular Positions in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is a ground fighting martial art that emphasizes the use of different submissions, sweeps, attacks and defenses from certain positions. The positions discussed in this article are extremely popular in the BJJ and MMA worlds and should be focused on by all practitioners. It is very important to be comfortable both on top, and on the bottom of all of these positions and have a few techniques that can be applied to either attack your opponent with a choke or submission, or change your position to favor yourself.

History of MMA

Mixed Martial Arts has come an extremely far way since its most basic style was introduced in the 1880s. NHB fighting, which stands for “no holds barred,” took place as early as the 1880’s and incorporated different types of wrestling techniques. The first report of this new conglomerate of styles that we now call mixed martial arts took place in 1887 and displayed a classic matchup: wrestler vs. boxer. John L Sullivan, who was the heavyweight world boxing champion was set to face his long time trainer, William Muldoon, whom was a Greco-Roman wrestling champion. Thus the sport was born.

What Is the Best Martial Art for Kids?

While there is no one martial art that’s suited exclusively to all kids there are a few that are more suitable than others, depending on your goals for your kids and their individual strengths. Some styles may concentrate more on the physical competitions and preparing for them, while others might have an increased emphasis on character and confidence building. Similarly two schools that provide the same martial art style will teach that style differently, setting increased emphasis on different facets of the style, for example learning the formal movement patterns vs an emphasis on the sparring aspects. In this article we hope to assist you with some information about the best martial art for kids.

Personal Safety, Security and Martial Arts – Can You Be More Fluid and Dynamic?

To be more fearless and confident in difficult or dangerous situations, you have to learn personal safety skills. You need to be knowledgeable about what resources to access in emergencies, and you should know how to assess and confront danger both physically and mentally. You need to be secure, grounded and confident through emergency procedures, creating and maintaining self confidence, Martial Arts training, and Shamanic drumming.

The Difference Between Martial Arts and Sports

This article will explain the difference between organized sports and martial arts. It will list three main differences and explanations of the benefits of martial arts.

Pires, Reloaded: BJJ Highlander Ricardo Pires Brings Home Rio Gold

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is growing up. And as the sport matures, practitioners have had to evolve to stay competitive. Here recent Masters and Seniors champ Ricardo Pires talks about life, Jiu-Jitsu, and the pursuit of control. In a nutshell? It just gets better and better.

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