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What Will Boxing Do For Your Fitness?

Boxing has many advantages and is a great way to improve your confidence while developing a practical skill that is also a great competitive sport. This is an activity that requires discipline and which is a great way to focus some of your aggression and let off some steam. Surprisingly it’s also a very mental game that has you trying to psyche out and out strategize your opponent and is a lot like chess in fact in some ways.

How to Make Your Workouts Hurt More

At first glance this title might be rather off putting. Surely you’d rather be reading an article on how to hurt less right? Well if you have gone ahead and started reading this all the same then more power to you as you clearly have the right idea when it comes to training and getting into shape.

What Can We Learn From the Chinese Martial Art Tai Chi?

How can we learn Tai Chi and what will it teach us. How will learning Tai Chi benefit our health?

Martial Arts: Holistic Personal Training At Its Best

Martial art is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your muscles and lose weight. You could run on a treadmill for 30 minutes and follow it up with some ab crunches. But you’ll never match the workout you get from doing Muay Thai or Taekwondo. As an added advantage, martial arts equip you with the skills to not only protect yourself but also your loved ones. And it doesn’t hurt to now that it also allows you to enhance your confidence and better your lifestyle.

Reason Why There Is No Such Thing As a Fair Street Fight

There is no such thing as a fair street fight. The very definition of a street fight means there are no rules. As a bodyguard I have experienced the street fighter attack and professional fighters on different protection details. One thing I have learned is to expect anything will go from the street fighter and here are the reasons why.

How To Hit With Knockout Power

What would happen if a year-old baby fell from a fourth-floor window onto the head of a burly truck driver, standing on the sidewalk? This is how Jack Dempsey’s classic book Championship Boxing begins.

Your Brain Is On A Delay

A guy cut cuts you off in traffic and your girlfriend angrily makes a rude gesture. When you pull over a few minutes later to get some gas, he shows up and starts getting in your face. You see his left shoulder drop and a fist start to form on the right hand and then you are seeing stars and you are on the ground looking up. How did that happen so fast? You didn’t even see the rest of the punch.

The Best Way To Do Martial Arts Kicks

Which martial arts kicks you should work on, and training tips to make these kicks powerful. Good common sense combined with martial arts training.

Tailoring Your Jiu Jitsu Game To Suit You!

This article is about learning to build a Jiu Jitsu game around your strengths and making it suit you. Doing this will make you a more effective practitioner.

Conditioning With Capoeira

The steep learning curve can be too intimidating and overwhelming for many. Thus, one can opt for a capoeira workout class instead of the actual capoeira class. Think of this as, instead of going to a boxing class, one learns from a kickboxing class first.

In Martial Arts Competition Always Respect Your Opponents

In this article we discuss demonstrating respect to our opponents. Not only does it show good sportsmanship but it also reflects on your own personal character.

Adapting of Traditional Martial Arts Techniques to MMA

MMA bouts begin with both opponents standing and for that reason benefits MMA fighters who use striking techniques including punching, kicking, elbowing and kneeing. Striking Techniques frequently employed include…

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